Each month, I offer a different Card Class for my local customers and I decided why not make them available to others that cannot attend.  

The Card Buffets include photos and directions for 3 cards/projects.

Here's how it works!!

I post one card, from the buffet, the 1st of each month on my blog and also in my Monthly newsletter.  (You can also sign up to receive my monthly newsletter where you are  updated on the Card Buffets and other things)  

Please be sure when you place an order that you check the little box that allows me to contact you (you won't be bombed with e-mails) so that I will have your e-mail in order to send you the Tutorial.  Otherwise, I have no way to contact you.

After you have placed a qualifying order, you do nothing else. Your tutorial will be sent to you via e-mail, as soon as SU notifies me that they received your order.

The tutorial will be available until the next month when a new one will be available. So, if you cannot order the first of the month, you can order at anytime during the month and receive the Tutorials.
Any questions??  Please feel free to e-mail me

Let's have some fun!!!!



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