Monday, March 19, 2007

Back to Stamping

This past week has been taken up with getting an estimate for the damage to my car and getting ready for FUNshops and Stamp Camp and a little get together on April 3rd at my house. Then, the card in my digital camera decided to go belly I was without a camera for a few days till DH remembered we had a small card that came with the camera. I looked in the bag and sure I am back in business again ;-)

Two things I have been working on, but haven't quite put the finishing touches on, are a little basket that I 'cased' from my SU friend, Paula, who had it on her blog. I didn't have the directions for making it so I just 'guessed', but they are sure fun to do.

I used TAC's 8x8 background papers to make the little baskets. I just love these background papers for adding just a little extra touch to cards etc. As you can tell, I am not done fiddling with it...but found the daisies and LARGE paper clips a fun added touch!
Then, I have been playing with paper can do so much with paper bags...YES...plain ol lunch bags. Here is one idea:

Again....needs 'something'....but you get the idea. This is a little invitation pocket card. The invite is actually on the inside.

My next project will be a Scrapbook made from these paper bags. I just love 'projects'. I need to get back to making cards, but for now....the 'crafty projects' are capturing my attention.
If you try one of these fun projects, please let me know....I always love to see other people's art....and how they have taken it to the next level!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What a weekend!!!

I left for the Portland CK/Heirloom convention on Friday March 9th and came home on Saturday March 10th. What a fun weekend. The only downer was a wreck on Saturday morning......but hey.....that didn't stand in the way of having a good time!!! No one was hurt and that is the main thing.

Came home with lots of ideas....and spent maybe $15 combined at the conventions....did I do good or what???
Here is a fun thing I found at the convention. If you go to you can make your own scrapbook pages and send them to people. Here is what I did!!

This was a day out with Annie the day after I got home. DH thought I needed a quiet time away to destress!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Portland Convention here I come

Ok, so today has been full of anticipation and getting ready to head up to Portland, OR for the CK and Heirloom Conventions!!!

So, I baked treats for Annie, cookies for David and did a roast in the slow he wouldn't have to cook when he comes home from work.

If I could just figure a way to leave Annie and not feel so guilty.....but don't think that's going to happen....LOL

So, I got NO stamping in today....but got all my laundry done....and cookies for hubby's lunches all next week. AND, I even IRONED!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I hate ironing!!! BORING!!!

But...I KNOW I will have LOTS to share when I get back home!!! Can't wait!!! I think I am more excited about all the people, that I know, that are going to be there!! Can't wait to see everyone again!!!

I did get my Flat Traveller in the mail will be taking her with me to the convention!!! I wonder where Flat Char is right now??

Wednesday, March 7, 2007


I have been having so much fun coming up with projects for WAG (Western Angel Gathering)! This is a TAC event that I put on, with my coordinators, every September! This year, it will be held in Salem, OR once again. I can't WAIT to share the ideas with you, but can't till after WAG.
My recent purchase has been a few Cuttlebug Embossing Folders.

OH WHAT FUN!!!! I use them in my Big Shot and they are so fast and easy!!! I recently made a Happy Birthday card using the Happy Birthday Cuttlebug embossing folder, and just got two others, D'vine Swirl and Stylized Flower. I am Cuttlebug, HOOKED, now.

Today, I will be dog sitting my "grand dog" as he recently had surgery to remove a tumor. He is an Australian Shepherd and they aren't KNOWN to be quiet and he needs someone to help make him stay quiet.His name is Raider and he's my Annie's 'daddy'. What an AWESOME dog!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Time to get busy

The weekend is over and another week starts fresh! I always look forward to Monday's, for some reason, as it's a brand new start.
I finished my knitted scarf, thanks to my friend Peg, who picked me up two more skeins of yarn. I am happy with the results. I even had a little bit left to make Annie a tiny scarf to attach to her collar! :-)
I also completed a knitted dish rag and am not starting another. I unearthed my spool of cream colored cotton will have several dish rags by week's end if I keep at it. I also bought some sage green Sugar and Cream yarn to make some dish rags to go. We are STILL looking for the afghan I started for my granddaughter, Nicki. sigh

I did get one card stamped this weekend as part of a challenge. I used DCWV cardstock and a wonderful new little toy (Cuttlebug embossing folder) to make the happy birthday on the pink cardstock. FUN FUN FUN I also did a Birthday card swap using the same idea....but since it was TAC related, couldn't use the Cuttlebug folder as we don't carry those in the catalog. DARN!!And, my Flat Char journey began last week when I sent a caricature of the form of a jointed another member of a stamp list I am on. I will be visiting 16 different gals in 9 countries. It's exciting!!!
I have never in my life been called "flat" so this is a new experience for me....:-)

I have a lot going on this week getting ready for a FUNshop, a Stamp/Scrapbook convention, WAG projects and my monthly Bunco group.'s fun and I love it!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

UPS and raring to go!!!

The UPS driver has visited a couple of times this week bringing me lots of fun things to play with. :-) I ordered some chip board and Canvas boards from Dick Blick to create some projects for WAG (Western Angel Gathering) that I will be hosting, along with my two coordinators, in September in Salem. So, I need to get the projects figured out and completed before I meet up with them at the Heirloom/CK convention this month. Of course, I won't be able to share the projects here till after September :-) But, I am sure I will come up with some other things I can share!

Another pkg that came was coasters! Oh how fun!!!! I can't wait to play with those!!! Lots and lots of ideas floating in my head! Then, last but not least.....a workshop order should be coming in today (LOVE THAT BROWN TRUCK) and I can't wait to play with a stamp set I ordered.

I have been a little under the weather this entire week (ever think about that statement?...aren't we always UNDER the weather, regardless of how we feel? LOL) I haven't stamped anything this week. BUT, today I am going to a Stamp Club in should get to create a couple of cards.

I hope to stop by Target, JoAnn's and Michael's to just browse and see what I can find to alter! I also need to pick up some fun fur to complete my scarf I am knitting.

Hope you have a Creative day!!!!