Friday, January 30, 2009

One World-One Heart update

Wow...I never dreamed that the comments would go over 100! So, I have decided to add another Flip Flop album!

I haven't made it yet...but it will be done before the giveaway is over. :-)

I am not keeping up on my blogging as I have been having way too much fun browsing everyone else's blog!!

Have fun everyone!!!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

My One World - One Heart Giveaway



I am so excited to be a part of the One World - One Heart Giveaway this year. This is my first year as part of this fun event and also the second year anniversary of my blog, so what a great time to give something away.

My prize is a Flip Flop album that I made. It's all ready for you to add your photos, Journaling and other embellishments.

It has (9) 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" pages for your photographs and side pages to add journaling etc. I will also include instructions so that you can make your very own with your own papers and embellishments to give as gifts, if you would like!

I am so anxious to meet other crafters/artists out there in blogland!!

My GIVEAWAY is open to anyone having an active blog around the world.............please leave a comment with contact information, for a chance to win the prize below.

The giveaway is open till Feb 11th and the winner's name will be drawn and announced on February 12th. I will also contact the winner to let you know you've, PLEASE be sure I have a way to contact you.

So, in a nutshell, to enter to win this flip flop scrapbook album:

1. Leave a comment with this post, including your email address, so I can contact the winner.

2. Comments must be made by midnight PST on Feb 11th.
Winner will be drawn, announced and contacted on Feb 12th.
Remember to be eligible, leave a comment with this post, including your email address by midnight PST Feb. 11th.

Click on the logo at the top of this post to get to the event blog to see all the other participants in this event and for info if you want to become one yourself!

Have a Fantastic day!!!


Monday, January 26, 2009

The Magalogue is HERE!!! SNEAK PEEK!!!

After waiting and waiting for my complimentary arrived today!!! Of course, they didn't mail them out till the end of last week but my being on the west coast means I get them a day or two after a lot of the other demonstrators and so it SEEMED longer ;-)

I am so excited!!!! This 48 combination magazine/catalog.....called a Magalogue is AWESOME!!! It not only has new stamps...over 40+ but also has new accessories and projects and even a card sample for every stamp image. It is well worth the $2.95 plus postage.

Here are a few sneak previews! I can't upload them all because the Magalogue doesn't go online till Feb 1st.

First off, my favorite...a Level B hostess set called "purr-fect friends"
I just love these little guys!!!!

Next is another favorite, "Little Stinkers"

There are several bold stamps....and one is "Hope"
"Edge Designs" is another I can't wait to get my hands on...and check out " the Renaissance"

And, the last one to share with you this time is "Little Cupcake"

I know the photos aren't that great, but's the best I could do :-)

Wait till you see all the other great images and accessories!!!!

Did I say I was EXCITED?

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

You might be a Redneck .........

If your hubby decides that a 12" TV is better than no TV! You know if you ever have heard Jeff Foxworthy that he says that "You might be a redneck if you have a little TV on top of a non working larger tv"

Well, for some reason, the day before Inagauration, our 36" TV, that we had bought used, went belly up. So, when hubby came home....he immediately got out our 12" TV that I have in the stamp room so he could watch television.

Now, mind you....the remote has long been now we are 'living in the 60's" and actually having to get up and turn the would be easier....we have to push the button xx number of times to reach the station we want to watch.

You see, we gave up our cable order to save a little we don't have a guide anymore on the we now have to go to channel 11 and wait for that dang thing to scroll, ever so slowly, to see what's on TV....and HOPE you can remember what channels looked interesting....LOL

Then, you have to punch the button how ever many times to get to that channel.

Then, if the sound isn't quite loud have to get back up and punch the volume button.

My gosh...HOW did we ever make it in the 50's and 60's...ROTFL!!!!

Here is what it looked like after he hooked up speakers to it to make it louder .......

and here is what it looked like after I readjusted the dang wires... :-)

It's sort of funny to we got along with a 19" for years and years. My Sister got a new TV (this one) and decided to give us her 27". We were thrilled!!!!

Then 2 1/2 years ago....she got a flat we bought our current one, the 36" from her. It was so much fun to see everything so much clearer.....and now we are back to a 12". Taking some adjustment.....but we are just glad to be in touch with the outside world.

It's pretty bad when your computer screen is bigger than your TV screen. :-)

Actually, it really doesn't bother me quite as much as DH as I rarely have the TV on during the day but he likes to watch his news shows and commentary shows at night.

It will be quite some time before we can get another we may opt to move the furniture in closer ROTFL!!!

Have a great day!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reminder!!! 50% off Stamps

There is just one more week left to order any T-coded stamp in the Fall/Winter catalog or Fall Supplement at 50% off! This is the first time TAC has ever had this promotion!!! This is a great time to get the stamps you have been wanting for HALF price...including Alphabet sets and so many others.

If you would like to order, please send an e-mail to with ORDER in the subject line. Include the list of stamps that you would like and your name and address. I will get back to you with your total including shipping and handling and tax (if applicable). I will have it sent directly to you. You can pay by Visa or Debit to make things go faster. Please do not put that in your e-mail...send me your phone number and I will call you for it.

Have a great stamping day!!!

Happy Monday

I am still taking care of my sick cat and cleaning my stamp's a slow process but I do have another card to share. It sort of goes along with the same theme of PINK!!

This card has absolutely NO stamping on it....except for the verse inside. I used my Swiss Dots Cuttlebug folder, three punches, (Graceful Heart, Iron Eagle (both of these from EK Success) and Jumbo scalloped Circle) white organza ribbon and a gold and white button to set it off.

I just cut a slit in the top and bottom and ran my ribbon under the layer and then under the other layer on the bottom.

You gotta love the Cuttlebug folders and punches!!!

Ok, back to cleaning AGAIN.....I'll be so glad when I am done, so I can get some more cards done to share!
Have a great day!!!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday....and still cleaning

Good Morning and happy Saturday!!

Here is one of the cards I am working on for Valentine's Day.

I used two punches from EK Success that I bought from JoAnn's....Graceful Heart and Iron Eagle also on the corners.
I first ran the Ivory card stock through the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Folder and then used the punches. The 3 cut out punches in the middle of the card are cut out of the card stock. I know it needs something else, it's a work in progress. I am thinking pearls on the corners. What do you think??

Ever think you are just never going to see the end of the organizing and cleaning of your stamp area? I can't believe that one room can be so hard to get organized and stay organized but I have too much stuff, I guess OR better yet....not a good way to get it all organized.

If money was no object...I would have it custom made and a place for everything and everything in it's place. But, since that isn't the case, Hubby said he would build me some shelves and although he isn't a finish carpenter.....I am ready to take him up on it. I have wall space that can be utilized.....just need to get some ideas on HOW we want to proceed.

But, in the meantime, I am still cleaning and organizing and taking care of Freckles! Wow...for a small cat....she can FIGHT!!! It takes both of us to give her the oral to hold her and ME to shoot it in her mouth when she meows! The eyes are not quite as hard but I still can't manage alone.

Thanks goodness I only have to do it twice a day and not during the day. I don't know anyone around here that I could call to come help me. I did it one time by myself but it was not a pretty picture and we were both worn out at the end :-)

She's getting SPOILED rotten with canned food! But, it's the least I can do considering all she's gone through the last few days. :-)

Ok, I am off to work some more on my room!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slight hiccup

(Photo taken of Freckles several years ago)
I know that I wrote, yesterday morning, before Stamp Club and said that I would share some photos of what the gals came up with and I did take my camera BUT................

Here is what happened after I posted that morning. I went to put some ointment in my cat, Freckles', eye because she had what I thought was an eye infection and had been giving that to her for the past two days.

When I started to administer the ointment....I realized that her eye was really inflamed and there was a large bulging bump coming out of her third eyelid.

I hurried and got her in the cat carrier and then called the Vet.

Long story short.....they kept her while I went ahead and went to stamp club....and I did have all the gals make cards.....but I was so concerned about my cat that I forgot completely about getting photos taken.

The vet called while I was there and told me that she had put her under anesthesia and had taken a good look at her eye...and what she found was cancer of the third with my permission, she did surgery on the third eyelid and removed the cancer and kept her overnight.

I went in and picked her up this morning. I will need to administer a special ointment to both eyes 2x a day and oral pain meds in the A. M. Poor thing. Her right eye is completely swollen shut....but she is resting comfortably and eating really well. So, you know what I'll be busy doing this next week :-)

Hopefully, I will get some things done to share with you!

Here is a card I did earlier in the week.....but I took the photo before I embossed a swirl in white on the side of the card. I gave this to my Sister, at stamp club, for her birthday.

I'll try to check in again, tomorrow!! Happy stamping!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy Stamp Club Day

Today is stamp club. I formed a stamp club, last year, with customers and friends as a way to get together and share ideas. We use everything, not necessarily TAC stamps and products (unless I am doing the project that day).

I was asked by this month and last month's hostesses if I would do the projects! I don't mind doing the projects, really, but sometimes I just want to sit back, relax and get ideas from someone else ;-) Since some of the stampers are new, I think they feel intimidated coming up with a project for everyone.

So, what I am doing, today is actually a little exercise......I am taking card stock, a box of scraps, a box of ribbon, punches, embossing folders, inks and a few stamps....and I am going to have them come up with their own cards. This way, hopefully, it will help them see that they CAN come up with a project....all they need is the encouragement.

I am excited to see what they all come up with and will take photos and share when I return.

Have a great day!!!


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Specials from The Angel Company

TAC™ Promotions


January SOTM

dropping boxes
TAC-2963 • $9.75 • set of 4

During the month of January, through the can order as many T-coded stamps as you like for half off and also take advantage of the Stamp Of the Month. If you order $100 before tax and shipping and handling, you will also qualify as a hostess and can choose a Level A set and 3 GWP's.

The SOTM is only $9.74 with a $30 order.

E-mail me with your order at You can pay by CC also.

Have a fantastic day!!!