Thursday, February 17, 2011

One World, One Heart Winner

Well, today is February 17th and that means that we need to draw a winner for the Cat embellishments.  So, my granddaughter just picked a winner for our prize offering and the winner is:

Ducky Doo   over at

Congratulations Ducky Doo....and we both thought it quite humorous that a CAT won our Cat embellishment prize!!!  But, then they are sneaky little creatures!!  :-)

I will be e-mailing you as get your paws ready to enjoy putting together your scrapbook!!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Annie spreading cheer

Thursday, I went to visit a friend in the hospital.  I normally always take Annie, with me in the car, where ever I go and most of the time she stays in the car while I am doing whatever I am doing....except in the summer months, too hot.

Anyway, my friend Bob and I were visiting for about an hour and I mentioned something about Annie being in the car and he said "ANNIE is out there? I want to see her".  I said...well I would but I can't bring her in and he assured me that YES I could.  So, just about then a nurse popped her head in and I asked her and she said...sure...just stop by the desk on your way out and get a pass.

So, I headed out to the desk and they gave me a 'visitors' pass for Annie's paw.  I got her out of the car....put the 'pass' on her ankle and away we went.  I was still giggling under my I felt ridiculous taking a dog into the hospital.

She got so much attention walking down the halls because she is just so dang friendly and loves everyone. It took us longer to get back to the room as everybody had to stop and pet her....and Annie was 'eating' up all this attention.

We got to the room and the nurse said she could get on the bed with Bob.  Annie jumped right up and laid down like she knew what was expected of her.  She was in 7th heaven.....getting so much attention.

Even though  Bob has two dogs of his own...he has a special connection to Annie and vice versa.  

What a fun day and I will save her 'pass' for a scrapbook page.

Have a great day!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

One World One Heart

Hi Everyone!!!

Welcome to my blog and the 5th One World One Heart blogging event.  This is my 3rd year participating in OWOH.  It is so much fun visiting so many blogs (over 700 at the present) and 'meeting' so many people from around the entire world.  

A little about myself. My name is Char and I am married, have two grown sons and three granddaughters.  We  are 'owned' by an Australian Shepherd, Annie and three cats Little Guy, Freckles and Tinker....hence the name of my blog....PawsN2Stamp.

I love to stamp, do papercrafting, crochet, knit, read, visit with friends and travel either 'virtually' or for real.  I am always visiting the Amtrak or MapQuest site and planning trips even if I never actually get to do them. My dream is to go to Australia some day.  So, you can see how much fun visiting all these other bloggers is for me!  I get a glimpse of where they live and what they do.

And, now for my giveaway.  Since I am into paper crafting and have 3 cats....I decided to give away 5 packages of 'cat' embellishments.  Included are metal charms, bubble stickers, dimensional tags, Rub ons and a frame pack.

All you have to do is leave a comment on my blog.  The rules say that you must have a blog to participate.  Also, please leave a way for me to contact you in your comment. I will be drawing a winner on February 17th.

Click here to go to OneWorldOneHeart and see all the other blogs that are participating and most of all HAVE FUN as you meet so many wonderful people along the way.