Monday, June 11, 2012

Graduation Card

 It's that time of year!  I found a darling graduation card online here and decided that I wanted to try and recreate it!  It was fun to make but rather boring since the school colors are black and orange!

I just happened to have an orange tassel in my accessory drawer and I had just gotten these cute buttons at Bi Mart for half off and one said Congrats!

The card was super easy to create and I think I'll be making a couple more in different school colors!

If you go to the blog I referred to earlier, she has the directions for making them.

Here is the card opened.

Have a fun day doing something you enjoy!!!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Practical Joke

Here is a practical joke gone awry!!

Earlier this morning, I was talking about going to get my hair cut later today.  I told my hubby, I should just go have it shaved off...then I wouldn't have to deal with it every month.  He said, "Why not just get a mohawk" I said, "Oh yeah, you wouldn't walk down the street with me like that" and he replied, "Oh yes I would".

So, anyway, a little later today I went in and got my hair cut.  While she was cutting it, someone mentioned the pink in her hair and I asked what she had done.  She said she was trying out some new thing that they just got in.  Someone said, try it on she did.  So, I bought a couple of tubes of it.  It's called Colorme by Giuliano.  It's a professional temporary (I HOPE) hair color.  It comes in a mascara like tube.
So, I came home and put some Teal and Purple in my hair.
A friend came over a little later and I recounted that morning's conversation to her.  I told her I was doing it as a joke on my hubby.

Well, she told me to put MORE on it was too light to see really good.  So, just as he pulled in the driveway, I ran back and put more in my hair.

We sat there while he came in with the mail and he started conversing with us.  He said, "Did you get your hair cut, today?"  I said, "Yes, can't you tell?".  He said, "Not really".  Then, I waited for him to SAY something!  He didn't say a thing.   I thought he was being polite with my friend here and didn't want to mention my 'hair color'.
Then, finally I couldn't take it anymore and I said, "You don't like my hair?".  He said, "Well, I just didn't think she cut much off".  Then, my friend said, "Are you color blind?"  To that he replied, "yeah I am, mostly greens and shades of blue".

DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  I had completely forgotten that he is color blind and wouldn't have seen the color change!!

SO, the joke was on me!!   Oh well, it was fun, anyway!!

Have a great day!!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Concrete Rhubarb Bowl

Well, we finally accomplished our goal!!  We got a Rhubarb concrete bowl to actually turn out and not crack!!

We actually made four of these puppies, but the first one, we made out of mortar mix but someone...not mentioning who....couldn't wait for it to cure and started chipping off the sides....and it cracked right down the middle.  Ok, so I am not a patient person.  Lesson learned!

We also made one out of quick crete and it looked a little 'rougher' but it's good too.  I didn't get a photo of that one.

Then, we made another one and it turned out pretty good, actually, but noticed that right in the middle of the vein...there was a spot that was really thin, so we patched the bottom of it to cover the 'hole'.   So, then we had to make another one and it is the one in the photo, it turned out the best of all of them.  We made that one out of mortar mix, too.

Next up is to seal them all and put our concrete away for another day!  We still have plenty of material to make a few more but we're done for now.

If you think you might like to try this, we found this book that is really helpful!!

We also checked out some you tube videos, as well.

Enjoy your day!!!