Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Even in saying that, I know that holidays can be the most stressful time of year.

Things that happen during the holidays seem magnified and the drama can be more intense. I am sure you can all relate to some extent.

We decided that this year, we would spend our Thanksgiving at home. We were invited to family and friends, but we just really felt the need to stay at home. We had a nice, small turkey dinner for just the two of us around 1pm and then took a 2 mile walk with our dog enjoying the 'spring like' weather.

Later that evening, we were invited to some friends to celebrate a birthday. That was fun! We hadn't planned on going anywhere....but finally gave in :-)

Talked with some family members and friends on the phone and just were truly thankful for the many blessings in our lives. We all have stress and worries especially during this economy but it doesn't take much to find blessings all around us if we just take the time to stop and count them.

Hopefully, this weekend, after we get our tree up......I can sit and make some cards. My friend promised to take some photos again! I sure miss my camera!!! :-(

Have a great day and if any of you go shopping careful....and hope you find some great bargains!!

Christmas decorating can now officially begin!!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, not quite yet....but I have been playing with different ideas for cards for different holidays using punches.

I used the Autumn Cuttlebug embossing folder and DCWV card stock for the base.

I used the Marvy Circle and Scalloped Circle punches to make the base and his tail feathers and even his gobbler and feet.

I love doing punched art....and am trying to come up with ideas for every holiday using the punches we carry in our TAC catalog.

Once stamping....but's called Papercrafting!!! I love it!!!
And, I did stamp something on the inside.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Another embossing paste card and then I promise, I'll move on :-)

I used a stencil rose and embossing paste and then colored it with chalks.

Adding a scalloped edge on the edge of the card and a ribbon.... just the little touch it needed.

Have you tried your stencils and embossing paste yet?

As you can see......I haven't been stamping much....but have been playing with different mediums and ways to make cards.

Have a fantastic day!!!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Happy Birthday

The colors didn't come out too well on this photo.
This is a card I made for a good friend of mine.

I used the Stylized flowers Cuttlebug embossing folder for the background.

Then, I used a brass stencil and embossing paste to make the butterfly and colored it with chalks.

It takes a little longer to do this technique as you have to allow the embossing paste to dry before you can move on with the card....but it's so much fun!

I have been playing more and more with my stencils and paste since getting a card from another stamper. I had just forgotten about doing this.....


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cuttlebug Embossing Folders are FUN!!!!

Still no camera with which to upload photos...but, my friend Richard, came to the rescue once again and brought his digital camera over so I could take a few photos.

This one was done using the Cuttlebug embossing folder "Stylized Flowers".

I used DCWV card stock and sanded it after embossing it. Then I added a clear 'whatever' to the center of the flower.

I used a scalloped border punch and layered decorative paper over white card stock.

Then, I attached a couple of tied ribbons to a ribbon I had attached to my layers.

I am really enjoying my Cuttlebug folders. They are so much fun....can you see I didn't even do any stamping? But, there is a saying on the I did stamp! :-)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Stamp Something for Jaimie


I made a card for Jaimie Cates. If you haven't already heard about the blog hop to send cards to Jaimie and the story behind it, you can read about it here and take part, too.

This entire thing just breaks my heart and my prayers and thoughts go out to her and her family.

Won't you send a card to her, too? I can't participate in the just seems wrong somehow to win something from someone else's pain. But, I truly understand these gals holding this blog hop to encourage people to show support for her. It's just my own personal decision.

Thanks for reading about her and even if you can't take part.....please send up a prayer on her behalf!!


Monday, November 2, 2009


Being sick the last two weeks, I have spent a lot more time browsing blogs, reading e-mails and taking part in a couple of blog hops.

I entered my name in the Whimsy's Seasons of Change Blog hop and was notified that I won one of the designer's cards and the stamp she used (a new one of course) to make the card. How exciting!!

Here is the link so you can see the card! But, it's so much prettier up close and personal!!

Stamped Art by Lisa Cook

Can't wait to play with the stamp too!!

Then, on October 31st, I decided to follow along on a


'mystery' blog hop. It was fun reading portions of a mystery at 24 different blogs and trying to figure out who the killer was.

Of course, along the way, you left comments and each blog gave away a prize. The grand prize was awarded to someone that actually guessed who did it!

I won one of the prizes.....a book called Women only Over Fifty (WOOF) at

Sometimes, it pays to be down sick with nothing to do but surf the web! :-)

Have a great day! And, remember to surf the web!!!


Thanksgiving is getting closer....

I am starting on my Thanksgiving cards. I don't normally send out cards for holidays other than Christmas...but I have been having fun coming up with ideas for different holidays and sending out a few here and there.

On this card, you can tell I used the Pumpkin Cuttlebug folder and then sanded give it a distressed look. You can do that if you use DCWV white cored paper. It's so much fun!!!

Then, I used the Cuttlebug pumpkin die cut and embossing folder for the little pumpkin. I ran it through again using green just for the leaf and stem and then glued it on.

I have done a few variations of this using different colored card stock and ribbons.

I LOVE the Cuttlebug folders!! I wish I owned them all!! But, I am having fun with the ones I have!

See ya tomorrow,


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Halloween Treat

Ok, another Halloween treat because I didn't have access to photos earlier!!!

Truly, I AM working on something other than Halloween, now. I'll be posting more later. I need to hook up with my camera toting friend, again :-)

These little spiders were a blast to make. I did them in bright orange and black (the orange didn't show up too good) and made some others in Pink and black. They hold a little Mint inside. Didn't they used to make Mints that were ROUND??? I couldn't find any that were packaged round....but oh well, they worked!!

My stamping buddy, Richard, did some really COOOOL ones....but alas...I didn't get any photos of them. They were silver and black and shiny! And, naturally, being a man....they tend to be more on 'technical' side and he gave his spiders 8 legs!! I was making mine with four...and comprised and made them with 6.

I don't think kids will look at them long enough to you?