Saturday, December 19, 2015

be careful what you ask for ;-)

sorry in advance how rustic this post will look like.

on thursday i fell on my neighbors walk and hit both knees and landed on my right hand, jamming my elbow and severely breaking my right wrist.  dont ask how i did it, but i also managed to severely sprain my right ankle, and bruise both knees.  the attending dr said when you do something you dont do it half way do you?

anyway, now i am waiting to go to surgery on tuesday to try and fix my hand.  i was told they will most likely put a plate in my wrist.

the worst thing about this besides it being around the holidays is that this is the samw arm i broke while roller skating with my granddaughter about 15 years ago.

i dont type well with one finger but i wanted to let you know what happened and that i am really upset that now i cant play with all my new toys from the upcoming occasions catalog so i can show you all the wonderful things su has for you.

there is humor to all of this in that things have been very very stressful the last few days and thursday i was upset about some packages that ups claimed they left on my doorstep.  long story and takes too long to type it, but i asked God to give me a "break".  about a couple of hours later, ups called me back to tell me she got in touch with the driver and he said he did deliver them.  long story shorter.....we finally figured out that he must have left them on our neighbors porch and she asked me to go check.. i did and they were there.  so i put all 5 pks in my car and went home.  ups called back and i told them i found them.

after my hubby got home, i decided, just in case someone saw me take pkgs off the porch, that i should tell my neighbor what happened.  so hubby told me that he saw her car there, so we went up and told her what had happened..

on the way back to the car, i missed a step and bam....fell down.  hubby drove me to the er and 6 1/2 hours later i got released.  they thought i might have surgery that night, but it turns out, i need an orthopedic surgeon to do the job..

they sent me home with a temporary cast and brace for my ankle.  the pain meds help with the pain.

my granddaughter took photos of how they had to dress me to send me home as the couldnt get my clothes back on me.

i dont think i can post that photo without some help to edit it.....with just one hand.  this post took me 4x as long to type as it normally does.

so, just be careful what you ask for..  i got my break.....just not the one i was asking for  ;-0

i did get one card made, and when my granddaughter comes over, i'll see if she can upload it.

ill try to post any new updates, but cant promise photos unless my grdtr is here to help me..

thanks for understanding

hugs char

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Year End Clearance Sale and a fun share

Well, here it is! The year - end sale goes till January 4th or while supplies last!!
There are some items in the year-end sale that are in the Holiday catalog....what a DEAL!!!  
So, if you are still in need of holiday paper or embellishments, you can save up to 60%.  But, remember, these are while supplies last!!!

A few of my favorites are:

Table built using Product Table Builder by The Crafty Owl - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

And, there is a lot more:  punches, embellishments, ribbon, Washi tape and some items from the Holiday catalog....

  • Promotion Dates: December 10, 2015-January 4, 2016.        
  • No minimum purchase required.
  • No refunds or exchanges on Year-End Sale items.
  • Items offered during the Year-End Sale are while supplies last.
  • Online customers and demonstrators can add non-Year-End-Sale items to their order.
  • Year-End Sale orders are eligible for Stampin' Rewards with qualifying orders.
Ok, I promised a share!!

This is one of the things my Granddaughter and I did yesterday!! We had quite the assembly line going ;-)

Actually, that photo is hard to see just what they are but we did 15 of these cuties.
Here is one of them.
We used the SU Fry Box die to cut the little boxes.  They are so easy to assemble.  Then, we just worked assembly line adding the punched circles for a mouth, and used the tip of the Tree punch to cut a triangle which we cut in half lengthwise, for his nose, and then just added Google eyes.  

We filled them with packets of Swiss Miss, marshmallows and Hershey kisses, put them in a cellophane bag and tied a bow with a Candy Cane attached so they can stir their 'snowman soup'.  (That is what hot cocoa with marshmallows and Hershey Kisses is called).  

We have a tradition every year of setting up the Snowman Soup tray.  We have packets of hot chocolate, candy canes, Hershey Kisses and marshmallows always available and cute mugs to make our 'snowman soup'.

This is an easy FUN project to do with your kids and if you have an assembly line, with each person adding their component, it goes pretty fast!!

Hope you have a great day!!!  Take some time to Paws N Stamp!!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line or comment!!

Remember, if you place an order online, please use the Host Code for this month 
7R4GEURD and you will receive a thank you and a little gift from me.



Tuesday, December 8, 2015

UPS COMING, Tuesday Deals and Woodland Impressions Folder coming back!!

Good Morning,

It's a cloudy day here in Central Oregon but it's OK....a good day to stay inside and play while I wait for the UPS truck to arrive sometime between Noon and 4:30pm!!

I wanted to share with you some things that are going on with SU in the upcoming weeks!!

First off, the Woodlands Textured Impressions folder… coming OUT of retirement!!!  YES!!!!  I was SOOOOO bummed when they decided to retire this folder as I still had so many ideas yet to try using it.  It is not available now, as they did retire it…(believe me, I even tried to put in the item number just to make absolutely sure) even though the Holiday catalog is still in effect till Jan 4th

BUT, they just announced to us demonstrators that it WILL be available in the Annual catalog coming out in June!!!  I don’t know about you, but I was really excited that they listened to us begging them to bring it back.  It was a HUGE seller!!  They don’t usually bring something back once it’s been retired!!!  YES, YES, YES!!!  If you were not able to get that embossing folder before it retired, now it will be available in the next annual catalog.  You will LOVE it!!

The next thing I want to mention is that the weekly deals were announced this morning.

In those deals is the Precision Plate.  It helps to cut all those really intricate dies!  It normally sells for $25 but it is on sale for $18.75 this week.  They also have some other fun things on sale.  

And, wait, there’s more…. there is going to be a Year-End Sale December 10, 2015 – January 4 2016.  While supplies last, they will be offering discounts up to 60% on select products so check back on December 10th to see what they are.  

Even us demonstrators don’t know what they will be!!  

Then of course, Sale-A-Bration starts on January 5th.  This years Occasion Catalog is AWESOME!!!!!!  I wish I could have pre-ordered EVERYTHING I wanted, but with Christmas coming up, I had to choose wisely! 

My catalog is already ragged looking for going over and over and over all the goodies!!!  

My SU pre order shipment arrives today, WHOOOHOOOOO, and you will start seeing some things I make using the product I was able to purchase ahead of time.  

It will be all here on my blog…so be sure to check it out and if you forget, just sign up to get reminders sent to your e-mail when I update my blog.  That way you don’t miss anything!!

Last but not least,  if you watch the TODAY show on NBC, tomorrow (Wednesday Dec 9th) morning (check your local listings), Sara Douglass, SU Interim CEO will be sharing details of Stampin’ UP!’s $2 million donation to the TODAY Show Toy Drive sale.

Now, it’s back to keeping busy while I wait for the UPS truck to arrive!!! 

Remember, if you place an order and use the Host Code 7R4GEURD, for this month…..I will send you a Thank you card with a little something in it.  IF your order qualifies for Host rewards, do not use the Host code.

Also, if you place a qualifying order of $25 or more, I will send you the Card Buffet for this month via e-mail.  If you are not sure what the Card Buffet is, check at the top of my blog and click on the tab that says Card Buffet, it explains it.

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season….  Keep safe and healthy!!

Oh, and if any of the links do not work or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at


Monday, December 7, 2015

When life hands you lemons, you go on a Charm Stroll :-)

 Well, sometimes life just doesn't go exactly like we planned and you get thrown a curve ball. :-(

I spent the better share of November getting ready for my class on Dec 5th (making tons of samples to share, little gifts to give the attendees and extra fun stuff to show).  I was really excited!  It was going to be a small class, but I didn't care, I wanted to spoil everyone and make it extra special!

I had a display board all ready!!  I even had a couple of demos planned besides the cards we were doing.  Lots and lots of hours went into the preparation.

Lots of fun crafts on display.  
The house all decorated!!

Then, the night before class, the class had to be cancelled. 

Well, like I said, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and even though I was hugely disappointed and sad about all the hours of work I had put in, 'gone to 'waste' as my hubby put it, I finally decided to just chalk it up to,  'It is what it is' and had to just move on.

My hubby felt so bad for me that he offered to take my Granddaughter and I into Redmond so we could get out of the house for the day.  I remembered that Redmond was having a Charm Stroll, so we decided to participate in that.

You had to donate some sample items to get your passport (that was stamped at each store) and I had been saving little soaps, shampoos, hand lotions from motels we had stayed at over the past couple of years so I had two 2-gallon bags I was able to donate!  They were so thrilled to get them.

My Granddaughter and I had fun walking to each of the stores and getting a charm.  Plus I got almost 10,000 steps in from all the walking. 

We went to EVERY store and collected EVERY charm...and then we had one of the stores (who offered to put the charms on your bracelet) put them on a bracelet for us.  
There were 24 stores that participated in the event.  It was a fun, but chilly day.

We even went to the little bazaar at a downtown park and got some hot chocolate and bought tickets to see a play next weekend at one of the local High Schools.

PLUS, one of the last stops was the library and they happened to be having a half off sale on all their books in their bookstore, so I really scored on some books and some movies for our Granddaughter....for about $5.  :-)

On arriving home, the table was still all set up and all the displays were still staring at me so my husband helped me put everything away.  

Well, we didn't put things too far away, though, as I have a meeting on Saturday with some other demonstrators and I was asked to bring my display board and items that I made to show them.  

What they don't know is, now they'll all be getting some little gifts to take home :-)

None of them read my blog, so the surprise won't be spoiled.

Now, I need to get busy on some other projects that have been waiting for me!!

And, I have an entire month of fun stuff planned to do with my Granddaughter.
Years ago I made her a little advent box and decorated it and every year, I put little slips of paper into each drawer and every morning, she reads what's on the paper and we do what is planned for that day.  

This is basically what it looks like, although I decorated mine differently.

Here is what they look like un-decorated.

Karen Foster 3D Countdown Calendar, 25 Drawers , New, Free Shipping

And, I just found them at WalMart, online.  They are cheaper than what I paid for it years ago at $11 but you do pay shipping.

Also, I'll be sharing some things I have made, over the next week or so!  

Tomorrow UPS is bringing my Occasions order!  I can't WAIT to dive into that box!!!

Well, better get on with my day!!

Have a fantastic day!!!  


Friday, December 4, 2015

Well, I did all I have to do is WAIT!!

And, waiting is the hard part!!!

I placed my Stampin' UP! Pre-Order, yesterday, from the Occasions catalog!!  It took me 2 1/2 hours to do it.  Was the internet slow.....Nope,   Did I actually purchase that much???  NOPE! 

It was INDECISION!!!  I kept adding and subtracting things from my order. WHY?  Because the Occasions Catalog is just that good!!!  And, I wanted SO MUCH, this time!!!  But, I have a budget that I need to stick to and I think, all in all, I did pretty well!  

It was such a hard I want it all NOW!!! I want to PLAY and make things to show at my classes on on my blog.  But, just like most people, I can't afford it all NOW!!  So, I got what was the highest priority on my list and have to wait to get the rest at a later date, probably AFTER Christmas!!

Those coming to my class, on Saturday, will get a first hand peek at the Occasions Catalog and SAB flyer!  I wish we had been able to pre-order sooner so I could have had the products to show but it is what it is.

I can't WAIT to hear what their favorites things in the catalog are. (and I am hoping I was correct in ordering the ones I believe will be the favorites). As demonstrators, we are not allowed to show the contents of the catalog online till it goes live! But, we CAN show items we've made with the products we've purchased.  So, as soon as my order arrives, you can bet I'll be sitting down and creating and sharing!!

I am assuming that my order should arrive sometime next week.  

Until then.....I'll keep flipping the pages of my Occasions catalog and wearing it out like I do all of my catalogs ;-)

Have a great day!!!!
And, remember, you can access my online website HERE


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Oh the weather outside is frightful.......

And, the electric fireplace is so, I am staying INSIDE!!!
 News reports of freezing rain and multiple slide offs and jack knifed trucks will keep me home and INSIDE, playing, today!!
This all coming after last week's snow!  But, it is what it is!!!  HELLO?  It's WINTER in Central Oregon!!!

So, let's see what sort of things I can come up with today!  

For one, I am organizing the projects that my Granddaughter and I will be doing together once she gets here.  I have quite a few fun projects lined up that I think she'll enjoy!

My SU class is this Saturday, barring any treacherous weather, and I am all set and ready to go!!

Here is what I am working on now.  It's an old tutorial that I found on another Demonstrator's website and uses the retired SU Treat Boxes but just in case you did, as I did, and bought a lot of them and then never used them up....this is a perfect way to use them!!

Very simple to do....getting the two Treat Boxes together WITH the Skittles in them is a real feat, though!! LOL

I can't wait till tomorrow at 2am.....I get to pre-order from the Occasions Catalog!!! WHOOOHOOOO....Merry Christmas to ME!!

Enjoy your day!!!


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy December 1st!!!

Love this view as I drive down Hwy 97.  Didn't get a very good photo of the mountains...but I love to see those mountains every time I drive down Hwy 97! It was a very COLD morning at 5º but was about 22º on the way back home around 12:00 noon.   Doesn't look as if it will warm up all that much, today.

I don't like driving on the ice/snow but the roads were pretty good and for the most part, people weren't being idiots.  Well, there was one or two in a such a huge hurry and I was glad they went around!  My gosh, leave earlier and drive slower!!

Today, I am finishing up last minute things for my class on Saturday!  Have everything cut and prepped and ready to go.... just making some last minute things to display!

We are supposed to get more snow/freezing rain later this month!  I just hope it holds off till then.   But, it is what it is!!!  In Central Oregon, you just have to be prepared for any of it at this time of year.

I also finished up my Christmas cards and put them in the mail, today!  Feels good to be ahead of the game for once.  :-)

Getting all of my 'to do' things done and checking them off each day!!  Will be fun just to enjoy the season and not worry about 'getting everything done'.  I chose not to bake this year as I am still on a weight loss journey and really don't need that my Granddaughter is taking over that job for me, this year.

Looking forward to the Christmas movies!!!  How about you?  Which one is your favorite??

It's a toss up between Miracle on 34th Street, It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol!!  Of course, I love a lot more than those but those are my favorites!!

Have a fantastic day!!!  Hope you are staying warm!!!


Monday, November 30, 2015

Last Day of Online Extravaganza and cute bunny!!

Just a quick reminder that TODAY is the last day for SU's Online Extravaganza!!!

AND the today only 24 hour Flash Sale!!!

Check out the deals HERE

We got a sweet surprise, the other day, as we looked out our patio doors to our deck.  What should we see but this adorable bunny peeking up over our deck.  I have NEVER seen a bunny in our yard, here in town, before!!!  Out on our ranch, where we used to live before moving here, we were used to seeing jack rabbits, cotton tails along with a lot of other wild life but here....we usually see a cat running across our fence or birds...but never a cute little bunny.  I had to take a photo....because as soon as I opened the door, afterwards, to throw out some carrots for him....he was GONE!!!  And, we haven't seen him since!

He looked so cold and forlorn!!!  I don't know how on earth he found his way to our yard but it sure brought a smile to our faces!!

Have a great day!!!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Black Friday and I'm staying HOME

and decorating!! 
I also have fun projects that I am trying to get finished up before December 5th.  I have a class on that day and want to have all of my projects done so that I can show the gals!

I promised my hubby (and myself) that what projects weren't done for Christmas by December 5th.....wouldn't be getting done.  So, I have been busy trying to get everything that I have wanted to do...DONE before that day!!!  :-)
The problem is, I keep finding more stuff I just have to try!!  It never ends...but it's so much fun!!!   That's when staying up till dawn comes in handy!!

One of the most recent little projects is this adorable snowman.

Is he too cute or what?  Of course, I don't have anything IN him yet...but I will before Christmas.  I am thinking of adding some white or black shredz and then filling him with candy.
I found him on Pinterest and just had to sit right down and make one...and it was 3am!!
I'll have the product list to make him at the bottom of this post and then all you need is to buy some Google eyes.

Don't forget!!!

If you are wanting to find some things on sale but, you don't want to go out, today, you can sit in your PJ's with a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa and just peruse through this sale.  LOTS of goodies!!!

If you don't see anything you just have to have....maybe you have stampers on your list and you can find a lot of fun stocking stuffers!!!  LOTS of ribbon and baker's twine on sale and other embellishments.

Here are the supplies you'll need to make that adorable snowman fry box.

Table built using Product Table Builder by The Crafty Owl - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

Hope you have a great day!!!


Thursday, November 26, 2015


Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a few minutes, this morning, to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

This is a card we did at my class in November.  I just thought it was so cute!!

Enjoy your day doing whatever it is that makes you happy and be thankful for even the little things!

I'll be busy cooking this morning while watching the Macy's Day Parade.  It's TRADITION!!!   Then,'s time to sit down and eat.

We got our first snow on Monday morning!  It was a little later than last year.  

This photo was taken just about an hour after it started snowing and then, by nightfall, there was a lot more as it snowed all day long!

I wanted to go out and measure it but didn't want to put boots, later that night and early Tuesday morning, when our dog, Annie, went out to go potty, I saw that it reached her, Tuesday morning, I measured how far it was from the ground to her belly....and it's about 12" or more in some spots.

 Since she wasn't too sure what I was doing, it was hard to make her stand still to be measured. :-)

It was piled up at our front door on our porch...and down the walk way.

Supposed to be getting freezing fog!  I hope not, but it is what it is....and it's winter!!

Tomorrow, I'll start decorating the house for Christmas.  I can't wait to put up some of the Advent calendars I've made.

No Friday shopping for me!  I'll be happy to stay home and putz!!!

Have a great day!!!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Cute lil' deer Card

How cute is this little deer?  Ok, so he's probably not Rudolph, but he's adorable nonetheless.

When you are sitting down watching a movie or your favorite TV show, you can cut these adorable little guys from the "Home for Christmas" designer series paper. 

Here is how I constructed mine, but you can whatever DSP you want to go along with this little guy.  


  1. Fold a piece of 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 Mossy Meadow card stock in half.
  2. Stamp and layer a piece of 4 x 5 1/4 designer series paper on top.  I used Season of Cheer and stamped with a sentiment from Cozy Christmas.
  3. Cut a piece of Whisper White card stock 3 3/4 x 3.  Cut the center out using the fourth largest Square Framelit, (2 1/2 x 2 1/2).  Lay it over your stamped DSP and adhere to your card using Stampin' Dimensionals. 
  4. Add your deer to whatever side he fits best on...depending on which deer you are using.
  5. Add a 3 1/2 x 3/4" strip of Merry Moments DSP, that you have notched at one end, to the bottom of the white layer.  
  6. Add a wooden snowflake element with a rhinestone in the center that you have colored with a red Sharpie.
  7. I also added a little rhinestone to the deer's nose and colored it with a red Sharpie, as well.
These cards go together pretty fast if you do all your prep work first and then just sit down and assemble them.

You can also use other images in other DSP, like the santa or the tree....whatever suits your fancy.

Here are the products that were used:

Table built using Product Table Builder by The Crafty Owl - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

You can find all these products by clicking the links or going to my online website HERE

Don't forget the ONLINE EXTRAVAGANZA going on till Monday November 30th!  GREAT DEALS!!

Have a wonderful day!!


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tuesday Specials

Weekly Deals

It's SNOWING here!!!  They are predicting up to 8" of snow throughout the day. I'm staying home, getting ready for Thanksgiving and playing in my craft room!!!

Berry Merry Photopolymer Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!
Price$17.00 $12.75
Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer Paper by Stampin' Up!
Price$5.00 $3.75
Embellished Ornaments Wood-Mount Stamp Set by Stampin' Up!
Price$28.00 $21.00
Winter Wonderland Designer Vellum Stack by Stampin' Up!
Price$10.00 $7.50

As always, you can find all of these products at my online store or by clicking on the image!!

Have a great day!!


Christmas Cards and Star Burst technique

Good Morning!!!  It's a fabulous day, even though it's cold outside!!  The mountains have snow and the view is gorgeous!!  We are under a  Winter Storm Watch until early Wednesday morning.  That means, we could have SNOW by Thanksgiving!  Didn't plan on going out for black Friday, anyway, but hoping it doesn't cause too much  problems for those that are planning on it.

I just realized that in all of my excitement over the SALE this week that I have not been sharing what I've been up to.  I was too busy making out my list of what I just HAD to have.  :-)

So, here is one project that I have finished for some of my Christmas cards.

This technique is so addicting!!!  It is called the star burst technique (or sunburst, if you are using a sun).  I just got my card table up in front of the sofa and watched TV while I made all of my images so I could put my cards together later.

I didn't take photos while I was making my cards, silly me, I was having too much fun but I will make another card and take photos for each step and post it, later, so you can see how it was done.  It's actually very simple!

The Star burst effect didn't show up as well in my photo...but hopefully next time I post, it will.
Love the look!!!

Here are the products I used to make this card.

Table built using Product Table Builder by The Crafty Owl - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.
Here is another Christmas card I made using a similar, but different, technique

On this card, I used the Kinda Eclectic stamp and laid my Very Vanilla card stock layer onto my Crumb Cake card base and then stamped with Crumb Cake ink.  Then, I removed the layer and added a piece of the music notes paper, from the Home for Christmas designer series paper, that had been sponged with Crumb Cake ink onto the card then secured the image on top of that. Then, I added a punched star from Dazzling Diamonds Glimmer paper and tied a piece of 1/8" silver ribbon around the card.

I'll try to remember to make notes while I am creating!!  Sometimes, I just get too INTO my card making and then realize I should have been taking notes to share with you!!
Here are the supplies I used to make this card.

Table built using Product Table Builder by The Crafty Owl - Independent Stampin' Up! Demonstrator.

I have more Christmas cards to share over the next few days and a few projects I have created.

Hope you have a Fantastic Day!!!  And, that you can take some time to PawsNStamp!!