Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas is coming.....Christmas is coming.....

Oh gosh, sometimes I miss little children around the house at Christmas time.  They get so excited and it's so much fun counting down the days till Christmas.

With adults, it's not nearly as fun....but is what it is!!  Some people don't consider me an adult....because I do get excited over all the movies, shopping, baking and decorating.   I don't plan to go overboard on the baking, tho, this year.  We just don't need all that SUGAR in the house.

Today, I plan to be out shopping with the rest of the crazy folks.  I said, I PLAN to be out shopping....we'll see what the ads contain.

Here are two more cards we made at the SU card class on Nov 19th.

 This adorable bag topper will come in handy for giving away treats to family and friends.  It fits a Quart sized baggie.  I can even package dog treats in these bags.  I always make dog treats for the dogs in the family.
A very easy but pretty card.  I couldn't find this Poinsettia in the newest SU catalog so maybe it's a retired set?  Anyway, it was easy peasy.....and makes a fast card!!

I love going to card class as it makes me sit down and do 10 different cards.  I don't have to think, cut, design....NOTHING.....all I need to do is show up with my adhesive and away we go.

If you have a demonstrator in your area whether it be SU, Amuse, CTMH or whoever, consider supporting them by attending a class.  You usually pay for the class so you don't feel like you have to purchase anything if you just can't afford to....and you get so many fun ideas!!   I know that I really don't buy much anymore after 12 years as a demonstrator....but the ideas I get.....I can come home and play with what I have yet I feel like I have supported someone else's efforts.

Search out a demonstrator near you and see if they offer classes.  Oh I can search blogs and come up with all your own.....but how fun it is to get together with other stampers and play and use new stamps and fun papers and embellishments!!

Enjoy your day!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving!!  We will be giving thanks for another year of God's blessings.  We have had good health, my husband has a job, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table.  We have much to be thankful for!!!

I'll get up and put the turkey on while watching the "Macy's Parade".

As usual, we'll have turkey and all the trimmings, including pies.

Then, after our meal, we'll settle down with the paper and check out the 'black Friday' sales!  Who knows if we'll actually venture out but it's fun to see all the ads.  After that, we'll play some games and watch a couple of Christmas movies.  If you haven't checked out the following blog, you will be pleasantly surprised.  She posts all the Christmas movies that are going to be on TV.  We have already watched quite of few of them.  She even has a calendar you can print out so you can make notations of the movies you don't want to miss.

I have most of my Christmas shopping already finished but have a few items I am looking maybe they'll be on sale!!!

I hope you all have a fabulous Thanksgiving no matter how you spend it!

Maybe you will share some of your Thanksgiving traditions???!!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Autumn Cards

Since it's the day before Thanksgiving, I figured I could post a couple more Fall type cards.  These definitely will not go out this year ;-)

Here are two Autumn cards we made in class on the 19th.

 This is another stamp set that I couldn't find in the catalog....but who knows...maybe I am not looking close enough or it's in a mini catalog or something.  Anyway, it's a cute pumpkin scene.
This could have been a Happy Thanksgiving/Fall card but I chose to use it for a masculine birthday card.  I am sure you could use any small leaf punch for this project.

The next few days, I will be sharing some more Christmas cards.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bird Punch Card

This card didn't prove to be my favorite but I could see a lot of potential in the different stamps and colors I could incorporate.  Thankfully, our hostess had all the little squares cut out, all I had to do was attach them.  Being measuring 'challenged', I think I did ok in lining them up.

It's a darling card and you could use it for any occasion just changing up the colors and the way you lined up the squares.

More to come........


Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Fun card to share

Here is another card we did at card class on Saturday, November 19th.  I am not sure, but this may be a discontinued set??  Anyone know?  Or maybe it is in a different catalog as I tried to find it and didn't have much luck.

Very simple yet elegant!  I don't know that it shows that well in the photo, but the cardstock is lavender as well as the ink, ribbon and snowflake.  I love the little 'pearl' embellishment to top it off.

I'll have another to show you tomorrow!!


Sunday, November 20, 2011


Well, so much for scheduling posts.  I have been watching QVC and setting up scheduled posts for this next week...when I will be busy.....and my last one.....I hit publish post before I clicked on post options to set it up for the 25th.....big SIGH!!!

Oh well.....I guess you got two posts, today.  Actually, three...with this post! to play!!!  I've done enough damage for one day ;-)

Enjoy your day!!!!


Last of Christmas cards from Stamping class

Gee, I'll post these and in another week I'll be attending another card class.  :-)

Since Christmas is getting closer and closer, I have been doing scheduled posts for my I know I will be busy baking and making cards but don't want to miss posting.  I am trying to be better at it.

Here are the final three cards from my card class on November 19th.

 Easy card but with a little Pizazz using the Crystal Effects.  You can also use Stickles.  I have a drawer full of different colors of Stickles and use them a LOT.  The fun paper used on this card is from the Letters to Santa designer paper.
 I thought it was a fun touch to use torn music sheets with the above card.  I am sure you could find music books at the local Goodwill or Salvation Army or a garage sale.
Fun way to give a packet of cocoa to a friend or teacher.  

I made another version of this a couple of weeks ago and sent it to three people.  I forgot to take a photo of them before I sent them off.  So, hopefully, in the next few days, I'll get some more made and can upload them for you to see.

Have a Funtastic day!!!


Card Class

Yesterday, I had a blast at a SU card class.  My Granddaughter and I went with a friend and we were the only ones at the afternoon class.  That made it even more fun because we could yak and cut up and just enjoy ourselves and we didn't have to 'wait' for the projects :-)

The three of us just worked on each card at the same time.  We made 10 cards and I will be sharing them over the next few days.

One of the cards we made was a 'window' card.  That was so much fun!  I can envision this with quite a few stamps I own.

I am going to add some Stickles to the tree and snowflakes.  Fun card to make!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fun Bookmarks

While I was laid up for a couple of days with the achies.I just couldn't sit there and do nothing, so I decided to fold a bunch of corner bookmarks to embellish later and give away as little gifts.

Here is my stash after two days of folding off and on.

 I think that there are something like 58 of them.  I have about 10-12 already embellished and the rest are awaiting for when I have a day or two when I can just sit and embellish them.
 Actually, the flatter you can keep the embellishments, the better.  If you plan to send them to someone in the mail, you will probably pay a little extra postage.  I may have to 'rethink' my future embellishments.
 Here are a few that I have 'upside' down....just because I wasn't paying attention when I took the photo.  You can make them as big or as small as you like but I opted for the 6x6 size paper to do my folding.  It just seems to 'fit' on the book page, better.
 I used the Generations pack of paper from Simple Stories.  I love these papers.
For embellishments, I used paper flowers that I had on hand and some pearls for accent.

As you can see in the first photo, I branched out from my "Fall" colors and so will be having to use different embellishments.  This should keep me busy for awhile.

I found the Tutorial here.  She didn't tell you to, but I taped down the side where it's sort of open.  I just thought it would hold up better.

Let me know if you make some, I would love to see them.

Have a God Blessed day!!!


Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Chair Buddy

I wanted to share with you today, a gift I received back in September at my annual Western Angel Gathering in Salem.

A friend of mine presented me with something I had been oooohing and ahhhhing over for a year or more.  I saw the one she had made for her daughter and fell in love with it.  I WANTED one.  I was more than happy to pay her for it and she told me she would let me know how much when she got it figured out.

Well, months went by and with everything else going on in my life, I forgot all about it was once again time for WAG!!!   I saw her daughter, Tammy, putting her Chair Buddy on her seat....and thought...DANG IT...I forgot to ask Charlotte about that.

Well, to make a long story short, Charlotte came in the next day and presented me with my very own Chair Buddy.  I was excited that she remembered and went to get my purse but, I was shocked almost to tears when she said, "No, it's a gift".  

It's even favorite color.

Here is the opening on the that you can store papers or whatever inside.
 Here is one side.
 Here is the front of the chair.
And, here is the opposite side.

There is a lot of room to carry all your basics with you to a scrapping or card making event. The "Chair Buddy" is so handy to keep a lot of your basic supplies right near you.  One of the cool things about it is you can use the little velcro tabs to hold it in place on the chair.

Maybe you don't want to be stuck in your stamping room all day and want to be out with the family, then just take your chair buddy along with you and some of your basic supplies and you can watch movies with the family AND stamp/scrap.

If you don't have a lot of room where ever you are meeting for a scrapping or card making event....(you know, some tables are only so big)......bring your Chair Buddy along and you'll have even more storage!

If you are interested in owning your own Chair Buddy or buying one as a gift for a friend, you can contact Charlotte at

You will have to discuss the details with her but OH MY GOSH, they are awesome.

Anywhere you go, you can take your little chair buddy with you and make a chair more comfortable...because they are padded.  

Thanks again, Charlotte!!!!  I love mine!!!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Memories Digital Scrapbook Suite Giveaway!!

Just a reminder to post your comments, here, for the giveaway on November 17th.  I will be using the Random Generator to draw one lucky winner!

My Memories offers digital scrapbooking software with a huge variety of templates, papers and embellishments, plus, whenever you like, you can add more options from the selections on the My Memories website. 

I have to admit, I am not a scrap booker but I found the software to be really easy to learn, right out of the gate and I finished a page in just a few minutes after opening the software.  This is a fantastic way to share photos with friends and family via the internet.  You can  even create projects in a variety of sizes and shapes, create albums, add music to your albums and, well, you just have to try it out and see!!

 Yes, the paper and embellishments are included in the software.  There were a lot to choose from including brads, buttons, flourishes, flowers, knots, bows, ribbons and more.  Just think, if "I" can do it.....anyone can do it!!   

I'll be playing with some Christmas photos in the next few days and will share those, too.

What a fun gift to give yourself this Christmas.

I was out shopping, yesterday, and was looking for Christmas designer paper.  I am sure that a lot of you have more options than I do when it comes to scrap booking supplies but I had Michael's and JoAnn's and neither one had anything that fit what I had in mind.    Yes, their papers were on sale but I have a boatload of papers that were 'on sale' that I have never used.  I came home empty handed.   That was a 45 mile trip, one way, to come home empty handed.  Well, empty handed in the scrap book department :-)

Anyway, this is fun software to play with and so easy!   I hope you take advantage of the free giveaway and enter your comments.  Also, remember, there is a coupon code to the right of the screen where you can save 10% on your software and get another 10% when you visit their online store.

Have a Funtastic day!!!


Still Making Fall Cards

Just a quick post, today!

To some, it's too early to start thinking about Christmas but for others, like myself, I have it in the back of my mind all year I am collecting little things here and there for gifts and stocking stuffers.

Really, though, my favorite time of year is FALL!!!  I love all the colors of the trees with their leaves changing.  I seem to do a LOT of stamping during the fall season, too.  I don't know why that is, but I do.

Here is another card I made using a Fall theme.

I know, it's realllllly similar to another one I did.  I just love that paper...wish I had bought more.  I used a Stampin Up border punch called Scallop Trim Border, that a good friend of mine gave me as a hostess gift.  I use it a LOT.

Now, it's really time to start thinking about Christmas cards, even tho Thanksgiving isn't even here yet!!!  You almost have to be thinking a month in advance to get the cards made and sent on time.  I don't normally make many cards for Thanksgiving, so it's time to turn my thoughts to Christmas.  Well, as far as cards go ;-)

Have a Fantastic day!!!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Freebie Friday

Hi, is offering a Freebie Pack to my readers.

All you have to do is follow the link under the photo and go to the website and follow the directions to download your free pack.

Freebie #1

Please note that all of these are .png files only, not MyMemories Suite Templates.  They are usable in any software. These freebies are for everyone!!  

These freebies include 2 Quick Pages, and all of the papers and elements used in creating them.  The elements and Quick Pages are.png and the papers are .jpg format.

Once you have seen how much fun these pages are to work with, you might be interested in purchasing their digital software by clicking on my "Share the Memories" and entering the code on the sidebar under their website logo.

The Freebie contains the 2 Quick Pages shown and all the pieces (papers and elements) used to create those Quick Pages!

These Quick Pages are deliberately created as "two-page layouts". 

Just to let you know that I'll be offering these regularly, so you can start an album for photobooks, printing or on line viewing by using them!

Have fun!!!

Have a God Blessed Day!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Movie Night Treat Pouch

I have been having an absolute ball making these fun Movie Pouches for upcoming gifts.

I started with one for my Granddaughter's birthday this next week.  But, like my hubby says, then you went overboard.   I added the lace before I got the bright idea to make a cupcake.  Since I used red liner tape, I didn't DARE try and remove it.  Oh well, I may just do a remake of it.

While watching reruns of Law and Order, Criminal Intent, I ended up cutting out 19 of these puppies.  I don't have 19 people to give movies to, but they were SO MUCH fun to put together that I couldn't help myself.

Do you ever do that?  Of course, now I have to think of other ways I can use these Treat Pouches other than DVD gift holders.  I am thinking a paperback book?  Any ideas??

I got the tutorial from this website.  I printed it off and just spent the afternoon playing.

I hope you make one, they are FUN and a creative way to give a DVD for a gift.  If you do, please come back and share your creation with.

Don't forget to leave a comment on the post about the digital software 'giveaway'.  One lucky person will be chosen to receive the digital software on November 17th.  Please leave your comment to enter the giveaway here.

Have a God Blessed Day,


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

Good 'chilly' morning!!!

I have made a few Thanksgiving cards...time is quickly flying by to get my 'fill' of Autumn cards.  I love Autumn and all the different colors....then it's time for Christmas.  Hmmm, wonder if I could do a few Christmas cards in Autumn colors?  I may have to try that.

Here is the first card.  It's very plain and simple.  I like plain and simple, especially if you are doing a bunch of cards.  I only did four of these and even then I had to rearrange the different papers and the way they went together.

The background paper is from a 6x6 pads I bought at Craft Warehouse.  This specific paper came from a paper pad called "Oct 31".  It's made by Fancypantsdesigns.  I bought several different packs while I was there because they were all on sale.  :-)

The Swirls behind the verse are called "Autumn Swirls" and it was a set from The Angel Company, which has since closed it's doors.

I hope to be sharing a few more Autumn/Fall/Thanksgiving cards before it's officially Christmas season.

Have a God blessed day!!!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Digital Software Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

My Granddaughter, Zoey, turns 20 on November 17th.  In honor of that, I am hosting a giveaway on my blog! is offering one lucky reader, a chance to win the MyMemories Suite Software.  

My Memories Suite is rated #1 by amazon for digital scrapbooking software.

On November 17th, one lucky winner will be chosen as the winner of this software!  

How do you enter, you may ask?

Just click on and while you are there, choose
your favorite digital paper or layout and then come back here and tell me which one you liked the best.   Be sure to leave that comment so that you will be entered in the drawing.  

If you would like additional entries you can follow them on their 




Just be sure to let me know that you have followed them in an additional comment.

I am excited to be able to give one of my readers an opportunity like this.  I have downloaded it and it's FUN to play with.  I am not a scrapbooker so this is ideal for me to use and I can't wait to make many albums using this software.  In fact, I have made two so far.  :-)

I'll be sharing things I have done using this software in the days to come so stay tuned.

Have a God Blessed Day!!!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Fabulous Raks

How fun it is to receive cards in the mail!!!  Not only does it make your day, but it's a great way to get new ideas and see how different people select different components for a card.  I never cease to be amazed at all the wonderful talent out there.

Here is a card I received in a swap I participated in.  This one is from Joanne.  We were to do a Magic Snowflake Technique but we didn't have to use snowflakes.  I love all the soft muted colors and how they coordinate with the papers she used.
 I received this adorable Halloween card from Andrea.   Too stinkin cute!!!!
 This card came from Nancy.   Look at the Pumpkin background and all the individual elements to this card.  Much cuter than my camera depicts.
 And, last but definitely not least, Channie sent me this card.  Oh many fun details to this card.  You really have to see it up close and personal to really appreciate all the extra work that went into this card.

Thank you all....what fun to go to the mailbox and see something in there besides bills!!!