Wednesday, January 23, 2008


One of my Angel friends, Vicky Ward, shared this card with me today and it was just too stinkin cute not to share with you all. I got her permission so all is good ;-)

She used the TAC sets, "wildwest" T-2633 and
"julietteflorals" T-2864 plus the Soar with it collection, Amelia decorative paper.
Notice the tiny stars in the corners ....just too cute!!!
I just love the whole color combo. Thanks for sharing, Vicki!!

No crafting today

There are days for crafting and then there are days you just have to do something else and yesterday was one of those days.

My friend, Peggy, is recovering from surgery so I have been going up every day or so and checking on her. Yesterday, her Mom asked if I would feel comfortable making dinner and I jumped at the chance. She has been doing it but she is also taking care of the kids so I was glad to help.

It feels so good to be 'needed', you know what I mean? Well, those of you with young children at home won't really grasp it till the last one has been out of the nest for awhile.....especially if they are boys. And, with two grown sons that are very independent and two grandchildren that live 3 hours from me, sometimes I just don't get my share of feeling 'needed'. All older women will 'get it'. At least I hope I am not the only one...LOL

Anyway, it was fun to feel as tho I was actually helping out. After I decided what to fix. I just gathered up the ingredients, brought them down to my house and put together a chicken/rice dish and then stuck it in the fridge till it was time to go back up and fix dinner.

While I waited, to go back up, I read a book that Peggy lent me. It's called "The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio" I am almost finished and have the DVD ordered from the library and Peggy, her Mom, Jean, and I will have a girls day soon and watch it together.

I am off to create some projects for my workshop on Saturday!!!

Have a good day!!!

Monday, January 21, 2008

A new week

This is the next TAC stamp set I want to make a card from. It's called "Sweet Skunks" and I just think they are too cute!!! But.....I have some priorities, first.

This morning,...I visited a good friend who just got home from the hospital last week after having surgery. She's doing pretty good, but still needs to take it easy.

We visited for three hours and while she reclined in bed.....we watched CraftTVweekly together and surfed crafting websites and knitting websites.

She is bound and determined to get me to get out of my comfort zone where knitting is concerned and I am going to start with some scarves, fingerless gloves and then maybe socks.

This year is going to be a new year for me in regards to stepping outside my comfort zone. First thing I need to do is make a list of all the things that I would like to try this year and then 'give it a try". When I get that list made....I'll post it here and see if anyone else has some of the same goals.

One was to read a book that I would never ever read, normally. So, I checked out "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Folleth. It's over 900 pages.....but so far, I am sticking with it.

Ever hear of "100 things to do before you die"? Sort of like the Bucket List. Well, that's more or less my theme, this year. I want to take my paper crafting and stamping to the next level. I want to try other crafts that I have never given much thought to and do things that I normally wouldn't do (within reason...LOL) and just see how much I can accomplish this year.

Then, I made up my mind that I HAVE to clean my dining room table and Island off and take EVERYTHING back to the stamp room and then get that cleaned and organized again before I allow myself to stamp/papercraft. (I think I'll cave before I completely finish tho....but I have everything off my Island).

When I have spent a couple of hours cleaning and organizing....I'll allow myself time to surf some blogs.

Have a great day!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Another Flip Flop Book

Ok, so I have to move on....I know....but these are just too much fun!!!

This morning, I woke up at 4:45am and decided to get busy on my Granddaughter's birthday gift. I made her a Tinker Bell Flip Flop book. It's not entirely finished on the inside....but at least you get an idea.

She will be able to add her own photos. I may just have her bring it back with her this summer and we can do that together.

Here is the inside of the book.... well, the first page, anyway. The rest of the pages have the background paper inserted....but haven't been 'finished' with embellishments etc.

Then, I went over to visit my friend, Peggy, who just had surgery on Tuesday. I had to take the book to show her :-)
She will be recuperating for another few I'll have to get busy and create 'something' new each day just to have something fresh to show her each time I visit.
Have a wonderful weekend!!!!


What does Survivor have to do with stamping, you may ask??? Well, for the past 4 years or so....I have had a Survivor Pool where those participating have had a chance to win a $100 in TAC stamps/accessories.

My customers, friends and other TAC demonstrators say that it's even more fun to watch Survivor now because they have a 'vested' interest in it...and a chance to win stamps and accessories.

We are about 3 weeks away from the next Survivor on CBS. This one is called Survivor Micronesia. There are 20 Survivors this season. It will be Survivor Favorites VS Survivor Fans. It should be interesting!!!

Some of the favorites returning are James, Yau-Man and Johnny Fairplay.

Survivor starts on February 7th. If you are not a Survivor fan....that's ok! You don't even have to watch the show to take part! This is about a chance to win $100 in stamps and/or accessories!

Just send me an e-mail to for more information.
If you want to check out the new can see them at

Monday, January 14, 2008

Two in one day, WHOOOHOOOO

Since I didn't know her color scheme for her wedding.....I just chose the colors I liked.
I tend to go with Mauves, Purples, Greens and blues.

This year I plan on broadening my horizons and using colors I am just not comfortable with or that I don't normally reach for. Yellow....altho I think it's a fun, happy not one I normally use in my stamping/papercrafting. So, I may have to start with that one.

What are some colors that you normally don't use in your stamping/papercrafting projects? Try making one thing this week, using a color you normally wouldn't reach for! Of course, if you are like me, you might not have that color in your possession in the first then next time you order or stop by your LSS, choose some cardstock or background paper in that color and see what happens.

Have a God blessed day!!

New more excuses

I have been busy creating some Wedding count down magnets. Remember the Christmas Advent ones I posted around Christmas time? Well, a friend asked if I would do a countdown to a wedding that is coming up. So, I got busy and came up with 5! It was fun!!! I didn't have access to actual wedding had to use what I could.

I used chipboard squares and circles, sponged with ink, for the numbers.

These are just so much fun to do. It's addictive! But, then that's what I said about the Flip Flop books, which I am still creating.
I'll post some of my other Wedding countdown magnets after I grab a cup of coffee! :-) First things first, you know!!
Have a happy!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!!!!!

Ok, no excuses at all this time.....I just out and out took a few weeks off to celebrate the holiday and spent two weeks with my oldest Granddaughter. We had a great time!!

First of all.....HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!! I can hardly believe we are in 2008 already!!! But, the best part is that the new TAC catalog is here!!!
And, the second best part is that one of my girls in my downline, Peggy Bumgardner, designed the cover. AWESOME PEGGY and Congratulations!!!!!
The third awesome thing is that there are SO many new things in the catalog. Well, maybe not TONS but what IS new is awesome!!! And, for you scrapbookers out papers, embellishments and WORDS!!!! I am really excited! And, for those that have continually asked me every year...."why isn't there an index?", there is NOW an index of our stamps and accessories in the back. WHOOOHOOOO!!!!
I cannot wait to get my first order and start creating!!!! There are new alphabets, stamped elements stamps, embellishments, Christian sayings, TWIN baby stamps, a cute Pirate set, new personal stamps, new Tote-ally cool totes, Bind it all, Scor-Pal, scalloped punches, a Crop a Dile case with eyelets (I have two of these and LOVE them). There is also a new gel pen set...Stardust........and many other things.
I hope to get around to creating tomorrow. I worked on numerous Flip Flop books for Christmas gifts and didn't even think to take a photo of them for my blog. But, I will be teaching it at stamp club January 10th, so I'll get a few more made and I will upload them.
Here is to a happy and healthy 2008!!!!