Friday, September 26, 2008

Birthday Card

My Son's 40th birthday was last Saturday.  He is enjoys golfing and football.  Since I couldn't find anything with Raiders on it....I decided to do a Waterfall card with golfing images.  

I used the Swiss dots cuttlebug embossing folder and had a black and white theme.  I would have used a black and silver theme.....for the Raiders colors, but didn't have any silver paper.

I found some Golf background paper at a scrapbook store and used the set FORE from TAC.  I embossed the background paper AND the white strip you attach the images give it a 'golf ball' look.  Attached a black and white ribbon.....two white buttons.

Inside it says...."Happy FOREtieth Birthday"

I also made another one almost identical for one of my 'kids' that I used to babysit.  He is now in his mid 20's and going through a rough time with cancer, a rare one especially for his age.

Back to the stamp table!!!

Happy Stamping!!!


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cards from yesterday

Here are two cards we did at yesterday's TAC party.

The first one we used TAC's Willoughby designer paper, Plum 2 DCWV cardstock and "Celebration Time" stamp set.

Of course had to get a scalloped punch in there :-) I love being able to layer with punches.

The other one we did was using one of the images from the "Good Timber" stamp set (TAC) and the Cuttle Bug embossing Folder, Bark.

Gotta love those embossing folders!!! They add such a fun touch.
I have some other cards to share, but better save some for another day ;-)

Survivor Thursday and other Reality TV

Wow...I can't believe Fall is finally here and a new season of Survivor starts tonight. I have watched this show since it started. And, I still like it!

Last night, we watched DWTS (Dancing with the Stars). I love this show...but I think I am a little weary of them inviting some people on that couldn't dance their way out of a paper bag. That's ok, but when America votes to keep them in and let others go that CAN dance or at least are's disappointing. Enough said.

I also like The Biggest Loser.....but found the other night that we had to watch one station, record another show on another station with the DVR, and then switch back and forth to another show we wanted to watch on another channel...all on the same night. Why do they do that to us? It was just that night but I think it's going to continue for the season.....oh well.

Most of the time, we can't find anything we are really all that interested in watching. So, we watch old Law and Order reruns ;-)

We try to give a few of the new shows a try, each season, and see if they are worth watching. We tend to find very few that we like, so we watch reality shows or old movies on AMC or reruns.

I should stamp at night, but I am not a night time hobbyist. I get it done in the daytime or not at all unless I am under the gun to finish a project.

What are your favorite TV shows?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Week

Well, hubby's vacation time is over and now it's time to start a new week. The last couple of weeks have been a blast! It's been great having him home.

Here is another fun project we did at WAG. Quick and easy!! It's a bottle hanger....just place it over your bottled water and if/when you need to add a little's right there handy.

Another project we did was the Golf Tee holder which I had done before but this one uses different papers.

Never mind the funky mat behind the project. I just loved the part of the designer paper that this gal ended up with. Everyone had different pieces of the package....and this one just looked so cool.

Now, it's time to get back to business and get ready for a TAC party on Wednesday. I'll upload the projects when they are finished.

Have a great stamping day!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fall Supplement

Is coming!!!  I have a few images to share with you here and you can also go to my TAC website, click on products and then Fall Supplement to view all the Fall Supplement sets.

  And ....we now have a Spanish greetings set.

Monday, September 15th,  another promotion started. It is called the Double Rewards Program or "Double Dip".  

All hostesses who have a party or a catalog party...from Sept 15th - Nov 3rd, will receive double the hostess benefits.  All customers will get 2 GWP stamps for every $30 instead of the usual one.  And, remember, you can spend $100 as a customer and qualify as a hostess.

If you have been thinking about becoming a demonstrator (or Angel as we are called) you will receive an extra $50 of stamps (your choice) along with your kit. Please email me if you would like to place an order, have a catalog party or receive more Demonstrator information. 

If you are in the Central Oregon area and would like to host a FUNshop (party) please e-mail me ( or leave a comment.

Have a fantasTACal day!!


Another Share

I have all my WAG stuff packed away for another year. Now, I am going through all the projects we made and getting them on a board to show at my next Stamp Club. I also need to send a few projects into TAC to show them what we did at WAG.

I took a break, last night, and finished a Flip Flop book that I had started at WAG when I was showing a group of gals how to make one. I will get that sent off tomorrow to a gal that just got married.

Hope she likes it!!!

Ok, I am off to finish up some other projects so that I can share later.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WAG is over for another year

It seems like the last month has been a whirlwind of activity. No, the last month or so HAS been a whirlwind of activity!! :-)

My granddaughter went home Aug 9th and I immediately started on my projects for WAG and after getting the order, had a specific time to get each one done. Thankfully, I was all done by the time we had to leave for a camping rally.

The camping rally was the 7th-11th of September in which I taught one class on mini books. We came home from that on September 10th and left on Sept 11th for WAG in Salem.

WAG (Western Angel Gathering) is over for yet another year. A lot of hard work and time went into preparing for this year's event. I had terrific help from Channie Dalrymple and Heather Schantz. They both helped me with the projects and Channie did all the printing of information for the notebooks, badges etc and they even had a hands on class of techniques. Thank you girls so much!!!

We had 16 projects, 6 techniques and one demonstration on doing the MZindorf technique which Vicky Ward taught. I will be featuring some of the projects, on my blog, over the next few days/weeks.

I showed some of the gals how to make Flip Flop books. By that time of night, tho, everyone was a not sure how much of it they retained....but by the looks of their books, they did awesome!

Now it's time to put everything from WAG away for yet another year. I have gone through and inventoried everything and packed it back into totes for hubby to take up to the attic.

I have a house to clean and get back in order, a workshop to prepare for......but no major events coming up in the near future.

I am so looking forward to Fall and Winter this year.....just to 'cozy down' and work on winter projects, get more reading done and get into my domestic mode. Here is one of the projects we did at WAG. It's a lip gloss holder to hang from your tree.

I got this idea from a gal that used chap stick....but I found some cute lip gloss containers with cute little hangers on them....and fun to make these for the Christmas tree.

Hopefully, now that all those events are over for another year, I can keep up on my blog a lot better.