Friday, June 19, 2015

Garage Sales.......gotta love them, right?

Seventeen years of collecting stamping supplies and I am finally able to say goodbye to a major portion of it.

No, I am not quitting stamping, I just have way too much stuff!  ;-)  

I joined another company back in 1999.  I got in on pretty much the ground floor.  I was with them for 12 years and went through the growing pains along with them.  It was so much fun and I met so many wonderful demonstrators from all over the country.  But, it ended suddenly in August of 2011 just after the debut of the new catalog.  They suddenly closed their doors much to all of our shock and dismay.   
I kept most all of my stamps from back then.  I had sold some over the years that I didn't use any longer but for the most part, I kept what I had bought.

But, since I joined Stampin' UP in October of 2014,  I figured it was time to let go of the past.  

Heaven forbid, I even decided to get rid of 12 years of past catalogs, the other night.   Tonight, I asked my hubby if he had remembered to throw them in the dumpster at work....hoping he hadn't take me seriously, after all....(cause I was about to change my mind again) and he replied, "You told me to, didn't you?"  DANG...he listened.  :-(  Oh well....what's done is done...and it really is time to move on.  I really don't want to dumpster dive at midnight  :-)

 So here is part of our garage, full of stuff.  I have worked for weeks and weeks pricing and attempting to get things in a somewhat organized fashion.  And, as of 5pm on Wednesday, it is pretty much finished.

We open our doors at 9am on Saturday June 20th and I am hoping most of it GOES!!!

 I sent these photos to an online friend and she said, "That's no garage sale...that's a flea market"  I got a good chuckle out of that.

 You really cannot appreciate just how full our garage is by seeing partial shots.
 Lots of punches.  I have some of these in Framelits now and similar punches.  I mean just how many punches does one need to do the exact same thing?

Then, there are the stamps!!!  Mounted, unmounted, grab bags!!  I have to stay away from these tables because I want to snatch quite a few of them back.

But, like the's time to move on and I haven't really used many of them for awhile.  

Since these photos were taken, we added another few tables and I still have things to put outside on the actual day.  There just isn't room in the garage.  I am not only getting rid of  stamping supplies, but other crafts, Christmas ornaments, snow people I have collected over the years, books, cookbooks, movies, just way too much to list.

I am finding out why my Mom quit decorating when she got older.  It's just too tiring and I am enjoying more simple ONE tree!!  :-)

Speaking of trees, I have two really nice artificial trees, as well.   And, then there are all those miscellaneous things....and odds and ends....and....and....and....
It's just time to simplify life!!!!

Wish us luck!!!!   And, I am hoping once life settles back down...I'll be back to blogging...even if I am the only one who reads it.  It is therapeutic, actually.

Have a fantastic day.....and remember to Paws N Stamp!!!