Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hmmm, cell phones come in handy!

Since I have been without a camera, I have had to get a little resourceful to be able to share cards on my blog.

Today, I got the bright idea of taking photos with my cell phone. Good thing I didn't take too at .25¢ each, it could get a little spendy. We don't have texting etc on our cell phone as we just don't use it enough to warrant the extra cost.

BUT, now that I know I CAN send photos to my computer...hmmmmm. I think it will be a little cheaper, in the end, to just reinvest in another camera :-)

Since it's officially Halloween, I figured I would share one of my creations with you. I got this idea from another Angel but since I didn't have Google eyes, yet, I took some glass do dads...and colored the backs of them with a black marking pen...and attached them to my cheesecloth. Inside is a Hershey Bar. I made some others after I got some Google eyes and they are cute, too, but only took one photo.

This one is going to my Son's girlfriend, who loves Chocolate!!!

Just have to get it to her one of these days!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Get Well

I have a good friend whose husband just had a 3 way by pass. It's hard, sometimes, to come up with masculine cards and on top of that...a masculine get well card!!

Once again, I dived into my scrap stash and found some background paper that I thought was just perfect for the occasion. ( If having a by pass operation is considered an occasion. I tend to think of occasions as going out to dinner, seeing a movie....celebrating an anniversary or birthday)......well you know what I mean.

Anyway....I came up with a plain and simple, masculine card that just says it plain and simple...GET WELL SOON!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Same flower different card

This is a similar card using the flower image from the Linear Sentiments set from TAC.

I scalloped green card stock and attached scalloped Penelope designer paper to the top of that...tied a ribbon around the two pieces and then layered them onto pumpkin colored card stock.

I stamped the flower images with my favorite Palette ink pad, Burnt Umber, cut the flowers out and then attached them using pop dots. Then, I glued on some buttons.

I added the "stems" to the middle of the card. Once again, I am thinking they need some leaves.

Back to the stamping table :-)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Card reposted

I had shared this card awhile ago and asked for help with it.....

Well, I did alter it....using some of your suggestions.

But, I think it still needs leaves or something. So, I will once again take it to the stamping table and see what I can do.

I think I am going to do this challenge every now and's fun to see what you come up with :-)


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pet Sympathy Card

Here is a totally different type of sympathy card and for those of us that have animals, we tend to feel the loss just as strongly as when a human loved one dies!

This is for a dear friend who lost one of her pet Dachshunds, recently.

Having lost 3 of my cats the past 3 years, I can empathize with how she is feeling!!

I used a stamp I had gotten...who knows where...but thought it was cute at the time....but then never used it.

Using a sage green card as a base, I layered brown, green and white card stock along with some of TAC's Willoughby designer paper.

Hope she likes it and it brightens her day a little!!


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sympathy Card

I had to make two of these types of cards this past week. It's not one of my favorite cards to have to make....just because of the circumstances, but if it brings even a little happiness to the recipient....I am glad to do it.

And, I bought the With Sympathy set from TAC just because we do have to make these from time to time.

It's a little late...but that's ok, too! Having been there, I know that everyone thinks of you right off the bat...and then as weeks and months go people move on and sometimes forget that you are still struggling with the loss.

I used brown card stock as the base....with layers of brown, white and TAC's Amelia designer paper on top...that had been scalloped with a border punch. I added the verse and ribbon....and added a note inside.

I'll share the other one, tomorrow!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Website Share

I was asked where I got the template to make the pop out words on my last card. I bought these stencils years ago at a convention but I found the website where you can purchase them.

They still have the Just A Note template but some of the others I had purchased, they no longer carry. I may have to get a few more....I see that they have added some.

Hope you have fun with them!!


My Embossing paste card

I was sent a nice RAK by a gal on one of my stamping lists. She had done a gorgeous card using embossing paste and a daisy stencil and she had colored it and it had glitter on it. I couldn't believe how beautiful it was and asked her how she had done it. She told me she would send me some directions.

Well, she sent me directions alright....she also sent me some embossing paste, some fine glitter and a brass stencil so I could try it myself. She even included a plastic knife!!

So, this was my first attempt!

Not too bad.....although you really can't see the color added to it or the sparkly glitter! I think I got the paste too I am going to try it again real soon!

Here is the inside of the card.....

I used a Pop Up stencil to do the inside of the card. I hadn't used those stencils in a long time, either!! I'll have to get the rest of them out and play again!

I think I am going to try and play with different accessories that have been sitting idle for awhile!

Have a happy stamping day!!


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Delicious Fall

I know....I know, I am still on my fall kick! Well? It's FALL! :-)

I used brown card stock and layered a piece of rust colored card stock that had been punched with a scalloped border punch and then added a layer of TAC's Penelope designer paper on top of that. I added a ribbon, some felt leaves and stamped "Delicious Fall" and adhered that to the front.

Wish I had gotten more of those leaves when I was over in Salem...but didn't know if I would use them or not. But, I found that they are a lot of fun to play with.

I have to admit, Fall is probably my favorite season of the year. I love the earth tone colors and I find that I buy a lot of those colors.

It's fun playing with different color combinations but I do favorite are the earth tones!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Something different

I was getting hung up on only making Fall cards so I decided to break away for a little bit and came up with this one.

I used Scarlet card stock and some background paper I had in my scrap folder. It just happened to go together.

I stamped the little girl image from the "Ice Cream Social" set from TAC. I stamped the ice cream image from the same set on the red layer with Moonlight White Brilliance pad and then added three colored flowers attached with a brad.

You'll have to forgive not cropping this one....I thought I did....duh!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Pumpkins

Using 3-D stickers and a felt fall leaf and some Willoughby designer paper from TAC, I created this fun card. I also had some Autumn ribbon that just happened to match!!

Ok....I DID stamp....see Happy Harvest? I can't help it, I like using only papers, stickers and other embellishments to make cards, sometimes.

Can't wait to stamp some more this week. I really need to move on to Thanksgiving cards!!


Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Monday

Thanks to a friend, I now have some photos to share! Here is one card that I did on Friday using some scraps I have been saving from other projects. I added a couple of pumpkin stickers and 3 leaf brads. There is NO stamping whatsoever on the card...but I am sure I'll add something to the inside before I send it off.

I am trying to spend at least one day a week using up all the left over card stock and designer papers I have saved over the past year or two. I hate just putting it in a box and letting it sit there.

I'll have some others to show you through out the week and hopefully will also get some cards made from scratch, this week, too!

The spider web on the card, came off of the next card.
So picture it at the top of the spiders string :-)



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Share

I had made a card using Scarlet card stock and then used a scalloped border punch on TAC's Mia's Cottage designer paper and layered that onto it...but then it sat there....because I just couldn't think of what to do with it.

A week later, I got it out again with my box of scraps and added a strip of Scarlet card stock and a strip of light green DCWV card stock.....tied a green grosgrain bow...and added three little red plastic thingamabobs...that someone had sent me as a RAK. I can't remember what they are called....but they are sure fun to play with. I'll have to find out where she got these!

See??? Still not much stamping! I am trying to show newbie stampers that they don't have to have a gazillion stamps and accessories to make cards.

I have been having a blast!!!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where there's a will.....there's a way!

Or another way to put it...when life hands you lemons

make lemonade!! :-)

I stamped with a couple of friends, today, and took a bunch of cards with me for show and tell. That's my favorite time when everyone shares what they have done during the previous weeks or month.

One of my friends, Richard, has become a STAMPING MONSTER!!! He's blaming ME for getting him hooked :-) he he he

He is relatively new to stamping and is slowly building his 'stash'....remember those days?

Well, he sure didn't let not having many stamps or accessories slow him down! He had a passel of cards to show off! I wish I had my camera so I could have snapped a few photos and shared them here.

BUT......WAIT.....the good news is....I had taken the 14 or 15 cards that I had been working on to show and Richard has a digital camera so I asked if I could take photos of them so I could have something to share on my blog for the next week or so. I was so happy!! I hate being without my camera!

When he gets them uploaded to his computer and sent to me, I will have PHOTOS once again to share!! WHOOHOOOO!!! (Really,'s ok...tap tap tap) :-)

DUH..I just happened to think......why didn't I have him take photos of HIS cards while we were at it!!!

Anyway, I came home and got busy making more he's promised to come over this week since it's his vacation and stamp with I better be ready to take some more photos!


I remembered that I hadn't shared all the projects we had done at here is another one I came up with. I called it a "Hang in there" card.

I got the idea from a Christmas card I had gotten last year and used the mittens from that card as a template for this card.

You can't really see it too well in the photo, but I used the Swiss Dots Cuttlebug Embossing folder on the white layer. The 'mittens' are hung on Scrapper's Floss that is strung across the width of the card. I used the Tombow White Gel Pen to add dots around the scalloped circle.

While I am at is another share!
This card used the Scor Pal to make grid lines across the card. Then, I made a slit at the top of the the middle...and inserted my ribbon through and tied in a bow on the front.

I used a Shish ka bob skewer as the plant pick. I just punched a hole at the top and bottom of the inside of the card....and ran the skewer through the holes.

A friend of mine had made a card similar to this for me, although using different stamps, and put it in a bouquet of flowers from her garden. I LOVED the idea!!!

I used the flower image from the TAC set "Simply Divine" and Palette French Lilac ink.
And, of course, I had to add a little bit of Purple Stickles to the centers. Love my Stickles!!

Happy Stamping!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Put your Big Girl Panties on and deal with it!

It's the PITS not having a digital camera! I didn't realize just how much I have come to depend on it till I don't have it. It's part of my daily life!! I am so bummed!

But, it is what it is! Right? Can't do much about it now, so, I say to myself, put your Big Girl Panties on and Deal with it!!! :-)

I just need to get creative! Hmmm, that may take some thought.

But, luckily I did take quite a few photos of my latest's just that they are mostly all in the same designer papers and colors so there won't be much variety.

I used Willoughby designer paper from TAC, (Love this paper) Scarlet card stock, Brown card stock and one of the images from the TAC stamp set "Happy Trails".

It needs something.....hmmmm....

So, now I am off to do some more creating and maybe I can figure a way to upload them. I just may have to send them to my friend for her to upload for me.

Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Good grief, we have had snow already. It is only half way through October. It's supposed to stay cold and rainy this week. Hopefully, it will get it all out of it's system and December will end up being nice? One can hope :-)

Speaking of December, here is one Christmas card I have been working on. I made several like this using different colored themes. This one was using Olive card stock and Willoughby designer paper from TAC. Then, attached a brown swiss dot ribbon and added just a thin line of Stickles.

Here is another, basically the same but using brown card stock and TAC's Amelia designer paper.

I like taking one image and trying different color combinations.

I have a few more to share in the next few days.

Then, I'll have to get creative in how I share my ideas since I won't have a photo to upload. Should be fun, right?

Have a great day!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Copic Ciao Markers Promotion


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Click here for a flyer with complete information on the entire Fall into Fabulous promotion!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Camera broke

Oh well, I knew it would happen sooner or later. I dropped my digital camera while out on a walk and I can't get the zoom lens to work now. I can't take pictures if it won't go in and out. BUMMER!!!

But, thankfully, I had that day of stamping and had taken photos of my cards so I can share for awhile till I either get a new camera or figure something else out.

This card was done using a bird image from "All Things of Nature" and TAC's Willoughby designer paper.

The left side piece and the bird piece were a part of a "card candy" project we did at WAG last year. I am just now using them :-)

I guess since my camera is on the blitz, I'll have to get creative on things to share till I can get a new one.
Have a GREAT DAY!!!!


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Same card, new ribbon

Thanks for your comments!! I didn't care for the ribbon either after I had it on the card. I found a brown ribbon that I like much better. But, after reading your comments, I just may have to try several different ribbons and embellishments!

Still not the look I have in my 'head' but it will do for now till I come up with something different.

Now, here is a new share for today!

This is basically the same card as a day or so ago but I colored in the sails and ocean.

Now I need to jump to a new stamp or two. Not that I am getting tired of these stamps but maybe need to do a few more Fall themed ones.

And, I have a baby shower card to make so should be thinking of what to do for that.
Have a great day!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Another Share

Here's another masculine card using TAC's Willoughby Designer paper and the set "Train Collage". I also used Olive cardstock and brown cardstock and my favorite Burnt Umber palette ink pad.

Don't really care for the ribbon....might have to change that up a bit.

I like the collage stamps as you don't really have to color them if you don't feel like it.

I made quite a few masculine cards probably because I was using olive and browns.....but it's OK as I always am low on those cards, anyway.

Have a Great day!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Stamp Stamp Stamp

Wow, you either are in a stamping wasteland or you have so many ideas you can't keep up. I can't seem to find a balance, lately :-)

I spent all day, yesterday, stamping and came up with about 25 cards. Some were Christmas themed but I will share those later.

Here is one of the cards I made, yesterday! I used The Angel Company's Ship Collage stamped with Burnt Umber Palette ink, stamped it on a tan card stock and layered it on Brown card stock and then attached that to Amberly Grace designer paper which had been layered onto brown card stock. Add ribbon....and you are done!

I kind of like the soft blues and browns together.

Actually, I am seeing a theme in my stamping...a lot of earthy tones!
I do love TAC's designer papers!!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sad day

I am pretty close to 'my animals' even those that don't live in my house.

I just found out this morning that our dog's "Mom", Peanut, had to be put to sleep.

Peanut was 17 and going downhill rapidly but I am so thankful that I got a chance to have her here to visit for a day last April.

She was a sweetheart of a dog!!!

Here is a photo of her on the right and Annie in the foreground and Annie's 'Dad' Raider near the door. I had such a fun day that day!!

Here is a photo of Dad and Mom! Raider is 10 in this photo.

We'll miss you, Peanut!!!

Love Grandma!

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Look on Blog

I like to change things up a bit from time to time. I like to rearrange furniture, organize my stamp room and pick different colors for my blog. It's something I can do that doesn't cost a thing...yet brings me a lot of satisfaction! Hope you like the new look!!!

This weekend I'll probably be working on some cards and spending time with hubby working around the house. We have to start getting our garden etc. ready for winter. Yep, it's a coming! We even heard we could have SNOW this weekend! WHAT??? It's only October! Well......we had a reprieve last year with snow not coming till December. So, it's probably true. But, it won't last as the weather isn't quite cold enough just yet for it to hang around long.

We'll be removing the A/C from the window here in my office, too. Bye bye till next summer! Now it's drag out the afghans, long pants and socks to keep warm till we absolutely HAVE to turn on the heat.

What are you up to this weekend??? Hopefully, spending time with family/friends or getting ready for Fall/Winter!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


Western Angel Gathering

Another September gone and another WAG is history. WAG (Western Angel Gathering) was started 6 years ago for no other reason than to get together with other demonstrators from the northwest to play and socialize!

It's been such a blessing to me to be the founder of this wonderful gathering and I look forward to many more years of bringing this event to fruition every year. It couldn't have been done without the many, many helpers over the years. They have been truly awesome in their willingness to jump in and help and spend countless hours coming up and working on projects to share.

With that said, here is another of the projects we had this year at WAG. It's called Christmas Tea folder. The inside has a little tea bag and a poem. The poem was sent to me by a friend (she is the one that sent me the folder) I added my touches and the poem and then TAC came out with a stamp that had almost the same poem in their next am thinking she may have submitted it.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Raider

Today is my Grand dog's 11th birthday!! Isn't he beautiful? He's at the Oregon coast enjoying the sand and surf.

He is the 'Dad' to our dog, Annie, on the right.

Here he is on the left with Annie and my Sister's dog, Katie (which is also Raider's) .

Ok, we are a nutty family....but we have fun :-)

LOVE LOVE LOVE this dog!!! And, he loves his Grandma!! Probably because I bake him COOOOOKIES!!

Have a GREAT birthday, Raider have earned it!!!

Happy October!!!!

Wow, we are definitely heading towards Christmas! I always say "first it's September and then Christmas". It seems that way, anyway. I like to enjoy each season and holiday as it comes so I am ignoring the stores that already have their Christmas inventory out.

My younger Son called me up on his way home from the store, last week, to tell me that he was so dang frustrated because school supplies were barely off the shelves and they were now putting up CHRISTMAS decorations. He actually spoke to someone and asked WHY? I mean there ARE two more holidays before Christmas......Halloween and Thanksgiving. Of course, we all know that Thanksgiving doesn't get a whole lot of credit and I am not a huge Halloween fan.....but Christmas in September? NOPE not EVEN taking part.

Having worked in retail, I know that the stores have to order early and I know that they don't always have a ton of storage.....but c'mon....even we, a small drug/variety store didn't put out Christmas till after Halloween.

I know that people start their shopping this early or like me...all year round.....but I still plan on enjoying each holiday that comes and celebrating Thanksgiving and THEN start the Christmas decorating etc.

Ok now...with that said.....we DO have to think about our Christmas cards early or we don't get them done in time to send :-) So, I will be sharing those now and again in the next few months.

Here is a card I made to send to my Granddaughters. They don't check my blog, so I think I'm safe.

I got this idea from this blog. I think it's a fun/easy card. I used the Marvy punches from TAC and Palette Burnt Umber stamp pad to sponge the edges.

Hope you try it! You'll get hooked making them.

Have a happy!!!