Monday, July 16, 2007


What a fun day!!!!
Both of my granddaughters and my Sister help me with my TAC open house. The girls looked forward to it all week. They helped welcome the guests and hand out little gifts.

These were little holders to keep my business card handy and also a wish list. I left them blank so that each person could color them to their own liking.

This is the inside.

Then, we made little 'trash bags' and emery board holders. They were a hit. It's fun to make things that are useful. None of the gals wanted to use their trash bags for their 'trash' tho...LOL

Just some of the hundreds or so cards I received at Seminar.

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  1. Your open house sounded like so much fun!!! Wish I could have come! You have a great blog and I love Annie!!


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