Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy Ground Hog's Day

Since the little varmint saw his shadow, I guess that means we have 6 more weeks of winter. When you think about it, we normally (I say don't see Spring till March or April anyway. Of course, the snow can quit any day now! But, I am not going to complain as I saw on another blog, this morning, that a gal, in Canada, had -40.

My thoughts have been on Valentine's Day and my Granddaughter's birthday on Feb 13th. So, I have been making Valentine's cards.

Here is one I finished, yesterday. I used papers from Lil Davis Designs and the "Forever" stamp set from TAC . I am thinking the bow is 'too much' but am trying to step out of my comfort zone, here. I also used the Heart Cuttlebug embossing folder and an old corner heart punch I had in a drawer.

I did a variation of the same card, without the punches and bow.
I think I'll get busy on some other cards, to share. I have been cleaning my stamp room AGAIN, it seems I am always cleaning that dang room.
So, I need to finish that project so I can see my stamp table again. I have been setting up 'camp' in the dining room, but it's starting to look rather hodgepodge out there and we don't have any place to sit and eat ....sound familiar to anyone? I don't know why I carry all my stuff out there to stamp.....except for the fact I couldn't get to my stamp table and I lacked the initiative to do the major cleaning involved to have a clear table. Sigh, I guess I'll never learn to put everything away before starting another project. I hope I am not the ONLY one out there with this same problem ;-)
Have a Great weekend.


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