Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer FUN!!!

We have both granddaughters here through July and we are getting ready to go on vacation soon.

All three of us girls made two coaster photo albums each in preparation for the photos will will be taking while on vacation. That way, when we come back, we can put our photos in our scrapbook albums and the girls can take theirs home as a reminder of their time with Grandma and Papa.

We all made two albums with 6 coasters each. That way we can get about 6-10 photos in each one with some room for journaling. Hopefully, we'll finish them later this summer and I can post the finished products.

The above are Nicki's photo albums. She chose one set from a previous catalog and one from the Spring Serendipity Magalogue. (We can still order from this Magalogue)

These are Zoey's albums. She chose cupcakes, one from the Magalogue and another from a special promotion.

And, finally mine. These adorable frogs are from a catalog a couple of years ago. Someone had sent me a cute scrapbook album page trade a few years ago with these frogs on them and I never used I took the little cards off and attached them to my albums.

The dining room table is still full of stamping guess while it's in the 90's this week, we'll be doing more stamping!!!



  1. Wow it looks like you girls have been busy! Nicki that little worm is adorable and I love the cup cake with the cherry on top your coloring is awesome! Zoey great job! Those inital stamps are gorgeous and your cupcakes look pretty yummy! Char luv the frogs those wiggle eyes are just to cute!!Have a great 4th!

  2. Oh what great projects and wonderful for adding summer fun photos! I can hardly wait to see them all complete with photos! I love the stamps each girl chose! They did a terrific job on their albums. I love the frog images, Char! Super cute! Have fun!!!


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