Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday's Card with a little help from my Friends

Ok, here is one I didn't know what to do with AFTER I stamped the images. As you can see, I pierced the flowers and added 'stems' using the "Linear Sentiments" stamp set. But, it NEEDS something. So this is where YOU come in.

Please leave comments for me! I like this idea...just need to take it to the 'next level'.

That's your assignment if you choose to accept it :-)



  1. Phew, you made me think. I think buttons with a bit of floss in the middle of the flowers and/or a bit of sheer ribbon across the stems with a bit tied in kind of a bow thing. Not really a bow but a bit of ribbon. I wouldn't add too much, it really is pretty as it is!!

  2. well this is a good one. I love the colors, fall colors are so my fave'. what to add maybe a line of 1/2 inch or smaller ribbon, an inch from the bottom, same color or copper-ish. A set of one to three leaves on every other one in the same colors as the blossom all mono color. a sentiment on the bottom right quarter of the card. layered with same and lighter colored card stock with same color ink. simple greeetings such as "greetings" ??? just my thoughts. hugs to you Char..


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