Sunday, November 1, 2009

Another Halloween Treat

Ok, another Halloween treat because I didn't have access to photos earlier!!!

Truly, I AM working on something other than Halloween, now. I'll be posting more later. I need to hook up with my camera toting friend, again :-)

These little spiders were a blast to make. I did them in bright orange and black (the orange didn't show up too good) and made some others in Pink and black. They hold a little Mint inside. Didn't they used to make Mints that were ROUND??? I couldn't find any that were packaged round....but oh well, they worked!!

My stamping buddy, Richard, did some really COOOOL ones....but alas...I didn't get any photos of them. They were silver and black and shiny! And, naturally, being a man....they tend to be more on 'technical' side and he gave his spiders 8 legs!! I was making mine with four...and comprised and made them with 6.

I don't think kids will look at them long enough to you?



  1. Your spider is cute! Yes there is round mints. Check York peppermint candy. They even have pkgs of small ones. Its fun what can be done with punche though.

  2. These are really cute...and four could have worked, and yet still been 8 legs if you said that each color on the "1" leg counted as 2


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