Friday, January 22, 2010

Come on Spring


I don't know about you but I am just about tired of Winter and all of it's weather. We sure haven't had it as bad as some but I am so ready for some blue skies.

I said I would share the card my Sister made for her Christmas cards when I got a photo taken. Here it is.

I thought she did a great job and even added Stickles to give it a little more Pizazz!! A lot of work went into these cards.

Now, we are onto Valentine's Day cards. I have made a few and here are some I did with some friends last week.

I did this one using TAC's More Mimi Designer paper, Scarlet card stock and a couple of Valentine dollar stamps from Michael's.

This was the card that Richard came up with. The inside is just as good! He's just having way too much fun with the Cuttlebug and folders :-)

Judy's Creation is this orange and black themed card. I love the black gingham!

I made a very simple card using some one's heart stamp, white card stock, and Scarlet card stock. Of course, I had to add Stickles.

I like that we came up with some cards that aren't the normal Valentine's colors. It was fun!


  1. I love all the cards!

    (But I can't help it, I'm a winter gal!)

  2. All of the cards are so pretty!! I have the pattern for your sister's but her's is so much nicer thn mine was. Your card are neat too, I love the one with the heart stamp and stickles. I sure hope you are feeling better!!

  3. There you are! love the cards, it had been so long since you posted, was getting worried!!!

  4. Nice to see you blog post, Char. Your sister's card is amazing!!!
    Thanks for sharing your ideas, too. You've been busy!

  5. what a pretty valentine. I have seen the paper cutting edgers at the store but not seen them in action (I don't get out much - lol) This is a lovely example of how to use them. I might have to break out all those stamps I have not used in a long time......

    Your new blog friend Robbin

  6. Lovely cards! I forgot to say thanks for stopping by, and great job on your New Year's resolution so far. You're looking great Char;)


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