Thursday, December 2, 2010

Bring on Christmas

Well....since the first of November I have been cleaning, organizing, decorating and baking.  I can now say that I am done with the cleaning, organizing and decorating....and most of the baking.   Now to just relax and enjoy the season!

The only bad thing is that now that I am done, I keep thinking of more things I can DO!  I have to fight that urge....or I will be in the same boat I am usually in this time of year....exhausted and stressed out.

I thought I would share with you some of my decorations.
 The above are the two trees in our living room.
 The arrangement above is our advent wreath.
An OLD Avon tree from years ago is in the main bath.  I didn't mean to get the reflection.

A snowman candle I made several years ago and one of my favorite clocks, that plays music every hour.
Our little fiber optic tree sitting on top of my cookbook stand in the kitchen.

Sadly, no card creations just yet....but hopefully that will come.  :-)

Hope you are enjoying this time of year!!

Here are photos of Mt Jefferson and Mt Hood on my drive to see the dentist.  I NEVER get tired of taking pictures of the mountains that surround us.

Have a God blessed day!!!


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  1. Char your house looks BEAUTIFUL!
    and a stress free Christmas sounds wonderful!!!


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