Sunday, August 28, 2011

Final Farewell Blog Hop

I had the opportunity to take part in this Final Farewell blog hop and I just couldn't pass it up.  We were asked to share some memories of our time with The Angel Company.  How does one condense 12 years into one blog post?  It's not easy.  So, I went to my photo album and chose some photos that meant something to me for one reason or another.

First, though, I was asked to share a card to honor Mischelle Smith, the CEO of The Angel Company and our friend.
 This card is my way of saying that no matter the storms of life....God's hand will guide you.  I came across this website and thought it seemed so appropriate for this card.

Mischelle I loved my time with The Angel Company and will always remember my very first seminar.  It was even more memorable because my downline and I got into a car accident on the way and totaled her car.  I was in shock for most of that weekend but I still managed to have a wonderful time.  That was the last seminar that I drove to KC from Oregon.  After that I took the plane ;-) 

I remember throwing a wadded up napkin at Annette Brisse at the banquet, missing her and hitting you (never had much of an aim). Boy was I embarrassed.  But you took it in stride.

And the look on your face when I handed you one of my practical jokes....PRICELESS...thanks for putting up with my goofiness.

One night, at my last seminar I went to, you took the time to talk on the phone to one of my downline that had designed the cover of the catalog but  wasn't able to come to seminar.  She was so excited.  You had a long line of Angels waiting to visit with you but you took a few minutes to talk to her and that made a huge impression on me.

Thank you, Mischelle, for all the things you have done, over the years, for each one of us.  God WILL and IS blessing you!!!

Now, with all that said.... I have so many memories......and then scroll on down to the bottom to visit the other bloggers that are paying tribute!

Some of the TAC staff and Kevin

Bridget Siddall, Lori Beck and Stacy Hinton 

Doesn't take much to crack Rita Holmes up.  Rita, we'll always be buds..thanks for all the laughs every time we are together or talk on the phone!!

YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM some good desserts at seminar!!  But, my very favorite was the flourless chocolate cake!!!

Kim Sears, first seminar and TAC's 10 year anniversary

Me and Karen

Me and Rita Wakeen

Mary Moor receiving her 5 year pin

Mischelle Smith and Kimberly Smith

Rita and Karen with that cake no one could eat...LOL

Sophi and Caitlin....two cuties!!

Kevin Smith Jr

The Brocks...what a great couple

Mischelle in her stinkin cute skirt!!

Meredith Deaton, myself and Beverly Jennings (loved their southern accents)
Ruth and Jodi....two AWESOME staff members who always had a good word when you called the TAC office.  Thanks you two for all the encouragement through the years!!
Me, Mama Angel and Avis Anderson

Jody Rinderer and myself

Me and Marie McClung

Diane Short and Kimberly Onofre at Club Med

Wake up Marie, time to catch your plane (Marie sleeping in the hotel lobby before her flight)

Rene, myself and Avis Anderson who encouraged me more than anyone and still does!!  Thanks Avis!!!

Jodi and the Cha Cha mugs

Char and Ruth

Mama O'Farrell, (my TAC Grandma) myself and Kelly Eiseman (my upline)

Marie McClung, "What? you don't put butter on YOUR fries?"

Tracy Turner and Ruth

Rita Holme's group "crowning" Kevin Smith
Shawna Renville

"That's All Folks"

Hope you enjoyed your HOP.....come back now and again for other fun things that will be certain to be going on.



  1. Beautiful card and memories Char.

  2. Love the card and the website link. Those are words we can use right now. Thank you for sharing your memories and photos.

  3. Your card is so pretty. I so enjoyed all of your photos - certainly a lot of wonderful memories

  4. Yes it has been a ride....i love you glad I tried to make new friends at work and went to that stamp camp, then meeting suzanne...if it wasn't for that...I wouldn't have you. Love ya momma!!!


  5. WOW ... what great pictures of everyone through the years ... it was great to put some names to faces that I have never met ... thanks for this wonderful post!

  6. Wow - loved all those pictures, what amazing memories Char. Seminar was the BEST!

  7. Wow Char - what a nice tribute! It was good talking to you this past week. I will try to find you on Facebook too.

    It's actually Sandy G. =0) they got it wrong Not Sandy A

  8. Looks like great fun Char! So many memories to hold in your heart forever!

  9. great card and great pics! lovely memories! Glad TAC brought us all together!

  10. What a wonderful tribute--thanks for taking us down memory lane!

  11. Those are the memories - oh my what fun to stroll down memory lane with the great picture tribute - memories are priceless - thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

  12. Wow, thanks for that stroll down memory lane. :) I posted a bit late, but it's there now.

  13. Lovely card. And what a trip down memory lane with all the photos!

  14. Beautiful card, and what fun photos of your TAC memories! Thanks for sharing!

  15. A beautiful card. It was neat seeing some of your TAC memories.

  16. Wow! Such fun memories Char, thank you for sharing!

  17. Gorgeous card. Thanks for the fun memories.

  18. What a great card! Very elegant! & great pictures - TFS!

  19. will always have a special place in my ya! Thanks so much for the trip down memory lane. What fun! Love the ship card too!

  20. Such a wonderful tribute to all the fun we had at Seminar. This annual event will be extremely missed! Darn it, Char, I'm starting to cry again! LOL!

  21. Beautiful and inspiring card! Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  22. Great card and post! I loved that you included a devotional link!!!

    I will never forget my one and only seminar experience, We had sooo much fun!
    Thanks for sharing all the great photos...
    Hugs Dear Friend see you in a few weeks :)


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