Friday, September 2, 2011

YEAHHHHHHHHHHH, it's September!!!

September is a new month.  We are on the last legs of summer and Fall is just around the corner.  Wow, some feel like we haven't even HAD summer, this year.  ME?  I LOVED this summer... I don't even think we had one day in the 100ºs.  We had some come pretty close, but only a few.  So, this was probably one of the best summers, for me, as I don't like hot weather.

Not so in other parts of the country where they have had to put up with days on end of 100 degree weather.  I am sure those people are looking forward to Fall with it's cooler weather.

Although we have had a little cooler temps this is ending with several large wildfires in our area (although ours are much bigger than the ones they are reporting on in other states, it hasn't made national news) making the air quality not so wonderful!  There has been a lot of smoke, all around us, for a couple of weeks now and they are saying that they may not have it contained for another week.   I hope it doesn't affect my Sister coming to visit this month :-(

There have been road closures (though not affecting me) that have affected a lot of travelers, truckers included.  I feel for the truckers (mine included) as they HAVE to be out there delivering whatever it is they are hauling and it's been a huge inconvenience for them to have to detour so far around the fires.  I am sure it's an inconvenience to other travelers, too, but it's for their safety.  Let's just hope the firefighters, putting their lives on the line, can get it contained by next weekend and that everyone including all the firefighters stay safe!!!

September brings, to our house at least, quite a few birthdays!!!  Our family has 6 birthdays this month, including mine.  PLUS, we have a cat that is turning 16  :-)  So our month will be full with birthdays alone.

Last but not least, school has either started or IS starting this month most everywhere.  So, with school starting, my mind conjures up visions of school supplies, shopping for clothes (although our shopping is all done), new schedules, football games, leaves changing, harvest parties and the list goes on and on.

I won't officially say goodbye to summer till after Labor Day but I couldn't help but thinking that summer is coming to an end.

Hope you all have a fun and SAFE Labor Day!!!

Have a God Blessed Day!!!


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  1. I sure hope the fires get put down soon. We've had some around here too, but not too bad. I hope your sister can get there for her visit.


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