Sunday, October 9, 2011

And, so it goes

Well, they say you are supposed to really focus on doing something to stretch your mind at my age....keep learning new things to stimulate it.

So,I have been learning how to use Microsoft Outlook's so much different than 2003.  It's a bit frustrating trying to do all the things I used to do with no problem since the set up is different than what I am used to.

But, I am definitely stretching my mind (and my patience) and shall persevere and hopefully it will 'rejuvenate my brain cells' sufficiently :-)  

I am itching to use some unmounted stamps that I got from Eurekastamps   but I promised myself that I wouldn't even THINK about getting them mounted on Creative Cling till I got my craft room/office completely cleaned and organized.  Here are just a few of them....

39401 Snowy Christmas Tree   17301 Snow Scene Circle23402 Lg Snowman Circle

There is a darling pig in chocolate, too and a couple more Christmas images and a fall tree hopefully, that will spur me on to get my room finished this week!!!

If you haven't yet, go check them out!!

Have a God blessed day!!!!


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  1. Isn't it great we can keep learning no matter how old we get! I love the stamps you got. Get in there and start cleaning lady! I wanna see cards.


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