Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Concrete Rhubarb Bowl

Well, we finally accomplished our goal!!  We got a Rhubarb concrete bowl to actually turn out and not crack!!

We actually made four of these puppies, but the first one, we made out of mortar mix but someone...not mentioning who....couldn't wait for it to cure and started chipping off the sides....and it cracked right down the middle.  Ok, so I am not a patient person.  Lesson learned!

We also made one out of quick crete and it looked a little 'rougher' but it's good too.  I didn't get a photo of that one.

Then, we made another one and it turned out pretty good, actually, but noticed that right in the middle of the vein...there was a spot that was really thin, so we patched the bottom of it to cover the 'hole'.   So, then we had to make another one and it is the one in the photo, it turned out the best of all of them.  We made that one out of mortar mix, too.

Next up is to seal them all and put our concrete away for another day!  We still have plenty of material to make a few more but we're done for now.

If you think you might like to try this, we found this book that is really helpful!!

We also checked out some you tube videos, as well.

Enjoy your day!!!


  1. Very cool, Char! Glad you stuck with it:) It looks great.

  2. How neat. It came out great. I can see some plants in it too.

  3. That is such a cool thing to make! Yours really turned out great! Thanks for sharing!


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