Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wooden Pumpkin trio

I got these wooden pumpkins at Craft Warehouse in Salem, OR.  They had them on sale and I thought, what a fun challenge for the girls!!  So, I bought one for each of them.

They come apart so that you can paint them or cover them with DP or both.

I chose to paint them orange on the sides and backs and then cover them with Halloween DP paper.  Sorry, I borrowed some from my friend, Vicky, and didn't remember to ask who made it.

Then she had these cute stick on eyes and a squiggly pattern that I cut to make a mouth on the front pumpkin.

I have this sitting on my book shelf in the living room.  I'll be getting the rest of the Fall decorations out in another week or so.

These were so much fun to do.  I didn't get photos of all the other girls' creations or I would have posted some of those, too.  Maybe I can ask really nice and they will share them with me :-)

These would be so much fun to give to friends and family but alas, I bought all they had in stock or I would have gotten more to play with.

Have a great day!!!

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  1. They're so cute! I love how you finished them. Darn none down here or I'd try them.


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