Saturday, March 30, 2013

Fun Bunny Cards

This is adapted from a card that I saw online here.  I didn't have all the necessary punches so had to improvise.  Since making these cards, I have seen so many other versions.....all adorable and I would have done them differently if I had seen those first.

The first photo is the front of the card.  The Polka dotted paper is from Amuse.  I order mine from a friend that demonstrates for the company.  I fell in love with their polka dotted card stock.  It is card stock, not designer paper.  The inside of the card stock is white, so you can use it as a card.  In this instance, I used it as designer paper :-)
The second photo is the inside of the card.  Since then, I have attached feet to the card.    It looks a lot cuter with feet.  I had already taken these photos before I decided to add the feet.
Here is another card that a friend did....where I got the idea for the feet.
This card was made by Barbra Byrnes, a friend of mine, and I liked her Bunny much better....but had already made all my cards when I saw this one.   Check out her blog to see some other great cards she has created.

If you don't have time to make these for this Easter, there is always next year.
They are so much fun!!!

Have a great day!!!


  1. Very cute, Char! Happy Easter!

  2. The card is cute. That little bunny has been hopping all over lately.

  3. Such a cute card and so glad I have one of my own from you to enjoy! Thank you!


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