Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool's Day!!!

One of my favorite days of the year because I used to LOVE to play pranks on people.  It was all in fun, nothing dangerous or scary or humiliating.  But, I have grown up a little so will probably only do it to my family members :-)

Here are just a few pranks if you are up to the challenge:

1.  Block the remote signal with a piece of opaque tape.
2.  Plastic wrap shampoo/salt shaker- Unscrew lids, place a small piece of   plastic wrap over opening, replace lid, and tear off the excess evidence.
3.  Glue a quarter or dollar coin to the floor or the ground in a busy place. Sit nearby and watch as people try to pick it up
4.  Scoop about an inch of deodorant from the top of the victim's stick deodorant. Then take a slice of cream cheese and carefully insert it into the deodorant container, sculpting it so it looks like deodorant. Put the top back on and wait for the fun!
5.  Sneak into the victim's car and adjust everything: radio at full volume, wipers on high, air conditioning on max setting, seats pushed forward and reclined all the way back, etc.

See?, they are completely harmless but you can have fun and no one gets hurt!!

And, for those that aren't up to this kind of nonsense, here is a card we did at stamp class.  Easy peasey and so cute!!

Have a great day even if you aren't a prankster like me :-)



  1. That is such a cute idea! I'd love to CASE it sometime.

  2. That's a cute card. Love the mousie. What great ideas for pranking someone.


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