Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In memory of Little Guy

 Losing a beloved pet is so hard.  In June, we had to have our 17 year old cat, Little Guy, (Guy Guy as I called him) put to sleep.  It was a HARD decision and in my head I know it was the best decision for him, but in my heart.....I miss him terribly.

He was one of the sweetest cats, ever.  He had such a fun personality and was so loving.  Not a mean bone in his body.

He gave me some scares over the years, especially when we lived on the ranch and he climbed up a power pole and was at the top and we couldn't get him down. I thought he would never get down but my Son talked him down and he never did that again, thankfully.

He survived living out on the high desert, on our ranch, and moved with us, along with 5 of our other cats, in 2006 to a residential area where he had to stay inside from then on out.  One by one, we have lost four of the other cats.....old age, mostly.  They all, except for one, lived to be 16-17 years old.

We made the garage into their living quarters and they adapted quite well.  I am sure they missed roaming the fields (although I always worried about them and the coyotes out in the desert) but as long as they were with their 'humans' they seemed ok with it.

He and our older cat, Shadow, who died a few years ago, were best buds...and looked a lot alike.

Even wanted to be near me when I was getting the house ready for Christmas...and crawled into a basket that I was keeping some cards in.

I miss you little buddy...

We still have Tinker, who is 15.  I am sure she misses his company, too.

Here are some cards I received from our Vet and a couple of friends.  I thought it was so thoughtful for them to send a card and it meant a lot to me.   I had other people that sent e-mails conveying their sympathy...and that meant a lot as well.  It's so good to know that there are others, out there, that know how it feels to lose a much loved pet.

This card was from an online friend in CA, Andrea.
 This card was from Joanne, an online friend in IA.
This was from the Vet and all the other Vets and office staff signed it, as well.

It will take some time, I am sure, to get over the gets easier each day.  But, I still miss him and miss his cute voice when you would go out to the garage.....and he would always walk over to the door to greet me :-)  Love and miss you Little Guy!!!


  1. Cats leave their footprints on our hearts, to be sure! Pele (named after the Hawaiian volcano goddess) was my special girl. Little Guy just LOOKS like a sweetie!


  2. It's always hard to lose a beloved friend, but just remember they're all waiting for you at the rainbow bridge. Of course that won't be for a long, long time!

  3. So sorry for your loss Char, we love our pets, they love us, what can be said!!! Take Care, thinking of you!


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