Sunday, September 15, 2013

Gotta love birthday jokes

Gotta love the birthday jokes....especially at my age!!  LOL

This one is from a friend that I met through The Angel Company and now comes to WAG (Weekend Away with the Girls) every year.

I love that cupcake embossing folder.....I'll have to search for it.  Too cute....and I love how she put glitter on some of the cupcakes.
Was very surprised to get a card in the mail from this gal.....but a FUN surprise....and so cute!!!  And, there has been a LOT of sun this year here on our side of Oregon.  Actually, I am sort of looking forward to the cooler temperatures that Fall usually brings.....but it's still been in the 80's .....but I won't soon it will dip into the teens....and we'll be scraping frost and ice from our windshields....and I'll actually have to wear a coat!!

Have a great day!!!

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  1. Those are both cute cards. They're having to scrape a little north of us. Soon it'll be our turn and then snow.


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