Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another Easter Bunny

Here is another Easter Bunny I made just this past week. I am usually good about
giving credit when I find a cute idea.  But, for the life of me, I can't remember, now, where I saw this.  It was basically a photo with some punches....and I had to figure out the punch sizes from the photo.

I love using the Top Note Die....I have made so many fun cards using this die. (the Leprechaun was one of them, last month) If you don't have the NEED it....  :-)

I'll try to find time to do a tutorial later.

Like I said, in an earlier post, I have am spending time playing with her this week.

But, isn't this bunny cute???  I made 30 of him sitting in front of the TV one night, watching Amazing Race, Survivor or one of those shows ;-) Actually, I had already punched out all the parts so I just set up a card table and just sponged the different parts, and put them together. That is 60 cheeks, 60 eyes, 60 blue irises, 60 eyelids, 60 teeth, 60 ears, 60 inner ears, 60 floppy ears, 30 noses and 30 top note dies folded in half.  But, it was fun!!

I want to do a class on just using the Top Note Die one of these days!!!  If you live in the area and would be interested, let me know.  I'll contact you when I get it scheduled.

Have a GREAT day!  And, remember to take time to Paws N Stamp.



  1. That is such a cute card. Bunnies are always great for Easter cards. I pinned it so maybe I can figure it out for myself.

  2. I'll be doing a tutorial soon, I hope. It probably won't make it up on the blog till after Easter though.

  3. Would LOVE a 'top note' class.....

  4. Ok, I'll let you know when I have one. I am trying to get a schedule of things ready for when the new catalog comes out soon :-)


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