Saturday, November 8, 2014

Finally!!! A new stamp table!!

We have had this kitchen unit for years!!  We bought it over 15+ years ago and had it down in the basement (when we lived on the ranch) for me to use as a shipping table when I was with another stamp company.

Then, 8 years ago, we moved to our present location and we put it in the garage to use for my overflow of stamping/craft supplies and a place to just store extra STUFF.  

Anyway, long story short, when we redid the office/craft room floors last spring, we moved my old huge desk out to the garage and then he didn't want to bring it back in because it was just too big and it was L shaped and it barely fit through the door.  So, ever since I have been using a craft table with no storage anywhere.   It worked, but I found things got piled on top of the stamping surface because there was no room to store anything.

On Saturday, hubby decided that it was time to disassemble and reassemble this unit into my stamp room!!  I was so excited!!!! 

Well, since he was busy taking off the kick plate to lower it....and making some other adjustments, I was busy cleaning out my craft room closet.  I completely gutted the closet and just started over.  Took out the bookshelf and put in Iris carts that I had out in the garage.  (I still want to go through each drawer and condense down)

Here is the finished desk!!  He even put in a desk Grommet so that we could run wires down through the desk instead of having them stretching hither and yon!!

I can't WAIT to actually start stamping on my 'new' desk.  

I am still tweaking the shelves over my desk and in my closet and when I am finished, I'll post a photo!

Today, while I am doing a Stamp A Stack, he is going to put some little shelves in that space above my CD player, to hold stamps I am currently working with.

Have a GREAT day!!!
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Char Wilson

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