Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Another WAG done for another year!

Well, it has come and gone!!!  The much anticipated yearly get together, that I organize, over in Salem called WAG.  It stands for Western Angel Gathering and it was started back in 2003 when I decided to have a little mini gathering because some of the Angels couldn't attend Seminar in Kansas City, MO.  I thought that they should also have an opportunity to get together with other demonstrators and just have fun and learn new things.

Our first two years we held it in Kennewick, WA and then moved it to Salem, OR where it's been ever since.

The Angel Company went out of business in 2011 but we decided that we still wanted to get together on a yearly basis so we have continued our yearly gathering.  Some of us have gone on to other stamp companies and some do not sell for any stamp company.  It's not about any of that.  We just like to come together and share ideas, have fun and SHOP!!!  And, boy do we shop!!!  They are all very good enablers!!!

This year there were 9 of us.  That is the lowest number we have ever had but there were those that just couldn't attend this year and we missed them!!!

We normally each bring a shoe box project but this year, I decided to just have everyone bring projects that they had been working on.  Some were working on Halloween cards, some were working on various projects that they needed completed and one gal worked on her Christmas stocking for her 2 year old Son.

We always have challenges, games, and food to snack on.  AND, we always set aside time to go shopping at all the craft stores in Salem.  This year, we included Albany's Hobby Lobby.

I have challenges for them to do.  This year I had them alter 5 x 5 magnets, make a card using stickers from the Dollar Tree, and alter a small fat notebook, also from the Dollar I had a bunch of 'stuff' and they were asked to make a card using some of that 'stuff'.  They came through like the artists that they are!!

Here are a couple of the magnets that they did.  Now, mind you, the magnets were a calendar from a business from they were covering it.

 This gal covered the magnet with paper and then stamped a Tim Holtz bird and the words.

We had bought some cute calendars at the Dollar Tree and one of the gals attached that to the Magnet after covering it with paper.  Cute idea!!!

 One of the gals decorated the front of the fat notebook.   There were a lot of cute ones but somehow I didn't manage to get photos of any of the rest of them.  :-(

All in all we had a great time chatting, playing and shopping!!!  It seemed like it was over way too fast!!!   And, it was time to say our goodbyes and head for home!!

Now to start planning next year's event!!

Have a fantastic day!!!


  1. Sure wish I could have been there! It's such a great idea. Hope you have more people next year.

  2. It would be fun if you could come one year. And, we have had up to 36 people and as low as 9. It just depends on the year and what everyone is doing. We are comfortable with 10-15 people....leaves a lot more room to stamp!


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