Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Back again!! and New Sale A Bration items

Good Morning,

This is my first blog post since breaking my wrist on December 17th and letting everyone know what happened.  Almost 2 months to the day.....but I have therapy tomorrow, so decided I had better get a post out, today.

I want to thank my upline, Jan Farring, for making a few cards and also updating my blog for me, to take it through the past month so that I didn't have that to worry about.  

And, I also want to thank Rita Holmes, my friend and also a SU demonstrator that stepped up and made 8 cards for me so that there would be something on my blog to share.

Now, it's back to me.  I can't say that there will be something here every day but I will try my hardest to keep you up to date and share when I make something.

I have gotten a lot of Get Well cards, and plan to share those, even if they weren't made with SU stamps....as I was so grateful to those that sent cards and helped  me get through the past two months.

I am typing on my keyboard but it's slow going and I make mistakes and don't always catch them, so be patient.  I am just excited that I can now type again even though it's a little stiff feeling.  GOOD THERAPY!!! lol

So, I will start off sharing cards I received from Jan and Rita, first.  I thought it was so cool that they both chose dragonflies even though they don't even know each other :-)

Here is the one sent by Rita:

 And, here is the one sent by Jan.
Thank you both so much for keeping me sane these past couple of months.

And, if you have made it this far, I wanted to let you know that the NEW Sale A Bration items are out.  There were a few items that were only available till Feb. 16th and then new ones were introduced.

Here they are:

SU Sale A Bration 2nd release

Hope that link works.  Can't wait to get my hands on some of that glitter tape.

Have a fantastic day!!



  1. The cards are beautiful. I'm glad to see you back, mistakes and all!!

  2. Thanks,, it's good to be back. Although, probably won't be able to write everyday.

  3. Thanks,, it's good to be back. Although, probably won't be able to write everyday.


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