Thursday, May 17, 2007

Blog, Blog, Blog

HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP, I am blogging and can't quit!!!! It's like a vicious cycle. You decide to have a cup of coffee and look thru a blog or two for inspiration and then, of course, each blog has a list of their favorite blogs (which I have yet to get done on mine) and then those have a list of their favorites....and so on and so forth.....and then.....half the morning in shot and you haven't gotten your OWN blog updated! LOL

I am just truly awed by the talent out there in Blog-ville! Where oh where do I start with my favorites? I know I have to ponder that a day or two and then get my blog list going.

Mother's Day!!!! I enjoyed the day immensely! My hubby gave me a gift of love! He washed all the windows on the outside of the house.
I got a call from my 'daughter', Channie.
Then, our Son, Jim, came over to fix a fabulous lunch of Garlic Shrimp, brussel sprouts and Tossed Salad. Besides lunch, he brought me a beautiful hanging Fuschia!
And the day was topped off when my older Son, Gene, called to wish me a Happy Mother's Day!

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