Monday, May 7, 2007

Happy Monday!

Today is supposed to be another beautiful day in Central Oregon. It is almost 4am and it's already 39º :-) They say 76º today. Time to get the A/C put back in the window of my stamping room. I don't do well over 60º as my roomies at Seminar can attest to. :-) Not quite that bad......but I like a cool room! ;-)

So, what have I been up to? Let's see. We are starting to put in on our back and side yards this spring. We have one side yard planned out and a little triangle shaped vegetable garden site in one corner already planted with some green onions, swiss chard....and later pole beans along the fence. There will also be tomatoes, cukes and a few other things but for now...that's it.

The progress on the back yard will be slow as time allows. It feels so good to have a garden again. We haven't been able to grow a garden since 1992 when we moved to Fort Rock. But, here, things GROW...besides alfalfa LOL And, FLOWERS.....I can have flowers again, too. Oh you could grow them out in the desert....but you have to have a green thumb and I like things to just grow without having to baby them.

Also, I have gotten out my crochet hooks and knitting needles again. I have been knitting dish cloths and I just finished a pet blanket for my cat, Shadow, who will be 17 next Sunday, Mother's Day. He's looking his age but I am so glad to still have him in my life. Happy Birthday, Shadow!!

I am also working on a crocheted afghan for my youngest Granddaughter. I did one 3 or 4 years ago for my oldest Granddaughter.

Saturday, I spent the entire day down at the church, with a friend, attending a crop to celebrate National Scrapbook day. Now, mind you....I really don't scrapbook....I went mostly for the social side of it, but have I do have a few albums, paper and photos galore. So, it's about time, right? I think so. I got about 12 scrapbook pages done for Seminar trades....just need to add embellishments as Peg says :-) Oh and I won the first prize which was some fun fabric tape.

I am going to be doing an altered book for a swap with some of my Team members. I have NEVER tried this before but loved the challenge by one of my I said, Why NOT?? No photos yet but my theme is Lavendar and Lace. I love purple and lace just seemed to fit with an old fashioned theme.

Guess it's time to clean the stamp room and make some room on my desk to stamp.
Have a great day!

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