Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend and Garage Sale treasures

I got home Thursday afternoon, from my Funshop and errands, just before my company arrived, friends we have known for about 30 years. They live in eastern Oregon and came over to go to a sale up in Sisters, OR and to spend a couple of nights visiting us.

On Friday, they went to the sale and hubby went to work while I stayed home and caught up with the housework, laundry and got the Beef Stroganoff going for dinner.
Friday night, after dinner, we played Sequence (a fun game) and had ice cream and strawberries for dessert.

Then we watched the movie, "The Kite Runner". It was good but we had to read sub titles off and on.

Saturday, we got up early and went to a garage sale. I was excited to get 11 books for .10¢ each. I normally never find the authors I like to read but she had a bunch of them. I also got 6 pant hangers (with the hanging part that lifts up and out) for $4. They are really nice chrome and black. I decided to use them to store my ribbons rather than the boxes I had them in. You can see where the bar lifts up and out from the right side for adding the ribbons easily.

They will hang in the craft closet when I am not using them and when I DO need to have them out, I can hang them above my stamping desk. And, when I am finished, put them back in the closet out of the way.

I also got an adorable rack, but not sure what I am going to do with it. Any suggestions? But, for a mere $2, I couldn't pass it up ;-) The little dowels are not removable or I could probably think of ways to use this in my craft room, too.
My biggest find was a set of two Stanley Thermos'. My hubby has been looking for a stopper for his, the old kind, and never could find one. Both of these had the old kind of stopper in them, and they came with a cool carrying case with a handle and a little metal box to put in cookies, sugar and stuff like that. So now we have plenty of thermos' for future use. We'll probably take these on road trips with us.

Another fun find was two bowls with the Coke Polar Bear photo. The granddaughters will love

And, last but not least, I found a storage container to take dog food with us in the camper for .05¢. How cool is that? Ya just gotta love a bargain!!!

Then, to top off the weekend, my Sister called to tell me she had been cleaning closets and cupboards and she had 3 boxes of stuff that I could use or put in a garage sale. Our town has a yearly community wide garage sale in June, so I try to take part each year.

In the boxes were a lot of things I could make use of.....lots of Doilies, dinner napkins and place mats plus some really cool batten burg lace curtains that will probably match the ones in my master bathroom.

What a fun weekend to end the week!!

Did I say I love bargains???



  1. Wow!! You did well xx Love the ribbon storage idea!

  2. I'm an avid garage sale shopper too!! LOVED checking out your finds from this weekend. My daughter and I hit the garage sales on Sat as well and found some good things. I was thinking about the rack you found and wondered if you could put your stamping idea magazines on it...kind of laying them over each dowel (the middle part of the magazine) so they're in handy reach? Annie...from your cozy group

  3. What a lot of great finds, Char. I have some of those pants hangers..... hmmm. I will see if I have any not in use. I like your idea for the ribbon.

  4. I threw one of those pants hangars away not too long ago, LOL! It was so old, had a little rust on it. Gotta love garage sales!

  5. Great deals! Could you use the wooden rack to drape cards across for the ink dry? Or lay magazines across for easy access? (Can't see how large it is, so that might not work).

  6. What great finds at the G. sale. I love the idea of using the multi-rung pant hanger for your ribbon spools. Brilliant idea.

  7. Char, that is a great idea for ribbon storage!!! I've always wanted to have my own room for crafts and such and if that ever happens I hope to keep this in mind!!!!

    Great price for the storage container you will use for dog food.. you practically got that for FREE! *haha*


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