Monday, April 21, 2008

What a week!!!

Wow, what a full week!!!! It started off, last Saturday, with a Funshop at my home. The hostess had a really busy week and so I offered to have it at my house to help her out. Actually, it's easier for me at my own home because I can run back to the stamp room if I need something ;-)

We did two projects, one being a 3x3 card holder with a 3x3 card
and the other being a bookmark.. I got the idea for the 3x3 holder from Scor-Pal We did a little card to match using the Swirl GWP and Landscape Palette. They got to use the Scor-pal to make their box.
We used Mia's Cottage paper and the Swirl GWP.

Look familiar?
I have gotten a lot of mileage out of this old girl. Everyone just loved her and who doesn't need another bookmark?

Then, at Tuesday's Funshop we did these two projects! Plus we made envelopes out of napkins and freezer paper and a card using napkins and saran wrap. Sorry, I didn't get photos of those.
They had a blast! Most of the ladies at this Funshop are golfers, so we made little post it note holders so that they could put them on their golf bag or key chain or whatever. Thanks to Kim Sears for the idea!

Finally, on Thursday, I had a Funshop in Bend. We made a 3x3 card holder and cards and used "Simply Divine" and different colors. We also made the cow bookmark.

It was a fun week!!! I am looking forward to this week to catch up around the house ;-)

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  1. great things you have been creating - love the little post it note holder xx


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