Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Another week......all gone!

On our little four day get away, we drove through John Day territory and saw some really cool looking rock formations, but a lot of them had the glare from the window so I had to delete them.
We stopped in Mt Vernon, OR to meet a couple of friends/customers of mine that I only knew from e-mail and phone. It was so much fun to finally put a face to a name. And, guess what? I forgot to take pictures of us together. I can't believe it. BUT, I did manage to get a couple shots of Maurita's yard. I loved the tree root she has in her front yard.
Is that cool or what? I would have never thought to do that....but it was such a cool idea.
This is her side yard that has a lot of shade trees and a really nice place to sit and swing!

Then it was time to get going and we drove just outside of town to a State Park. It had a lot of cottonwood trees and it almost looked as if it was snowing....there was so much of it falling.

Yes, that is a Tee pee in the background. There are two of them at this park and you can rent them. There was also a campground farther out and it would be a nice place to camp. There is also a really pretty little river running through it.

Nice picnic tables on the day use side where you can stop and have lunch.

There were even bird houses up in quite a few of the trees.

Lunch time over and we drove on to our friends' ranch in Eastern Oregon.
We had a great time visiting our friends. She's a fabulous cook and always outdoes herself every time we come. I told her it's like going to a Bed and Breakfast!

Time went fast and soon it was time to head home again. We drove a different route home, going via I-84 and the Gorge.

There was a lot to do when we got home. I have also been reading to my special needs granddaughter, Zoey, so that she can earn prizes for the Reading Challenge through the local library. We have managed to read 47 books in three weeks. Of course, they are not huge books, but still we need to carve out the time during the day to get them read. Her next prize will be a book. Then, the last prize she can earn will be a T-shirt. I hope she can stay long enough to earn that.

We had a nice quiet 4th. We went to the local parade
and then came home and just relaxed and played games with our granddaughter. Later, that night, we decided we didn't want to drive back up for the fireworks and fight the traffic, so we watched them on TV. First we watched the Macy's Fireworks on a network channel and then we watched Fireworks on our local station. There were some pretty awesome fireworks. It's not the same as seeing them in person, but still....all we had to do was shut the TV off and head for bed....no fighting the traffic ;-)

My granddaughter loves soup so I have made homemade soup, twice, this past week. The first one was a batch of vegetable beef. Today, I made Chicken noodle. I told her we'd make split pea next week. I need a soup break ;-)

Believe it or not, that's what she'll order when we go out to a restaurant...soup and salad.

I have a FUNshop, tomorrow morning, so better finish getting everything ready to load into the car in the morning and head to bed!



  1. Thanks for sharing so beautiful pictures.

  2. What fun pictures Char. Looks like you guys had a great week.


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