Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot Hot Hot

In the throes of reorganizing!!!
I don't know about you, but when I am hot, I don't want to do much of anything.  That's been the case the last week or so.  It's finally cooling down to the high 80's so that's a lot more tolerable.

I spent most of yesterday cleaning and re organizing my stamp room/office.  At least it's air conditioned :-)

But, no matter how many ways I organize and clean.....the problem is, there still isn't enough room. The fact remains, it IS what it IS.  I can't make more room so I am going to have to get rid of a lot of 'stuff'.   The funny thing soon as I get rid of something....that's when I NEED it!

I did manage to get my stamp table less cluttered by removing a couple of organizers and a Pampered Chef Turnaround.  I won't get rid of that, but at least it freed up some much needed space to work at.  The two wooden organizers that held various things that I felt I needed right at my fingertips.....will be delegated to the garage.   I found that I didn't use those 'finger tip items' as much as I had thought.  So, they are in Rubbermaid organizers on a shelf unit to the right of my stamp desk.  Still easy access yet not taking up valuable space.

I am not ready to put things back in place, just yet.  I am still considering what to do with other things that are taking up space yet I don't need them every week.

I promised my Granddaughter that when I got the stamp room clean and organized, we'd stamp. But, this morning, I realized that this might not get totally accomplished before she has to return home.  So, we will stamp tomorrow, regardless!!!  And, I'll post photos of a clean/reorganized stamp room, later.  Yeah right!

Hope you all are staying cool, some way or another!

Here is a card that I did for my last FUNshop.  I got the idea from two different blogs.  I used the orange slice idea from one blog and then copied the directions from Patty's Stamping Spot

As you can see, I changed it a little and called it a Creamsicle Card but it's a fun card to make!  And, instantly makes you feel 'cooler'.  :-)


  1. How funny-I like the bite out of the corner!

  2. Love the card... very cute! I have even less space thank you do... mine is always a mess!!!!!!

  3. I find my space is a mess too, but that usually helps with my inspiration...:) Crazy hu? Love these kinds of cards, I bet I will get to make one in December...(it will always work for next year!) Have fun stamping!!!

  4. What were you doing at my home? And taking pics? ohhhh ! Wait! There's something amiss here. lol. My desk have a thing over where I have more boxes with scraps and stamps, etc. lol. Good to know you weren't sneaking on me. lol.

  5. You go girl!! What if you did a floor to ceiling shelf along a wall? You could use braces on the studs and 1X12 boards. Paint them a bright color that goes with your room. Zoey could help you paint the boards too (in the evening OUTSIDE! LOL )

  6. I keep organizing only to find that it "doesn't work" and I have to organize again. I think I just need more space too! Love the popsicle card. Great job!

  7. Oh wow, your crafty area looks immaculate compared to mine! I envy your neatness. Must post some pics of my own disaster area soon...

    I have to face it. I'm a natural disaster.... : (

    The call them ice lollies in the UK, which sounds much more boring. I miss popsicles!!!

  8. This is a fabulous creation!!!

  9. Char you don't need to get rid of anything, you need to put shelves on the walls! You have TONS of storage space, just look up!!!! I know, I am vertically challenged but moving up gives so much more space so it was worth investing in a step stool ;)

  10. I am organizing my area, too. Must just be something in the air, huh? LOL
    And I made some of those cute popsicle cards, too! You know what they say? Great minds think alike! LOL


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