Thursday, August 21, 2008

Demonstrating for The Angel Company

Happy Thursday!!!

I just received my order for WAG (Western Angel Gathering) and will be quite busy in the days to follow getting my projects ready.

I have had some people ask me, lately, just what does it take to become a demonstrator for The Angel Company, and what are the benefits. So I decided that I would just put the information here on my Blog.

I have been with The Angel Company (TAC) for 9 years. I was the 109th demonstrator to join. It's been a really interesting road being involved with a brand new company and I am so proud of where they are heading.

When you join as a demonstrator, for TAC, you are referred to as an "Angel". That is what our demonstrators are called. Gosh, even at would be worth joining, for me, cause I won't be called an Angel any other way :-)

What I love most about TAC is that they listen to their demonstrators. They love ALL their Angels, regardless of their 'status' in the company and the staff at headquarters is just awesome to deal with.

Another thing I absolutely love about TAC is that our sales minimum is only $100 in four months. I have heard that some other companies are upwards of $300 a quarter. And, the other thing I love is that our hostesses only need to have a $100 party to qualify for their hostess benefits!!! WHOOOHOOOO! So, even if someone ordered it all for themselves, they would qualify as a hostess.

AND, another thing I love is that our hostesses get to choose an item from the catalog at half off just for having a $100 party. And, that is in addition to the hostess Level A, B, C and D sets they can earn. What a great way to get something like the Scor-Pal, which is all the rage right now and WE carry it!

By joining The Angel Company, you get 30% off on a demonstrator order or you get 25% commission on sales.

If you would like more information, please contact me at and put Demonstrator Info in the subject line. I would love to tell you more why I love The Angel Company.

If you would like to view some of our stamps and products, you can access my website at:

Have a wonderful day!!!



  1. Hi Char,

    Best wishes for the WAG, sounds like you are busy, but you'll have great fun. LEt us know how the gathering goes, and make sure to take lots of photos.

    Angel Hugs,
    AngelHood 2 Sister

  2. I'm out checking blogs and had to stop by!

  3. 9 years as an Angel! Wow - that is awesome! I wish I could come to WAG, sniff, sniff! Maybe next year! Have fun!!

  4. have a good time Char. Being an Angel sounds like lots of fun

  5. Hey, Char!
    Your post makes me want to sign up...and I'm already an Angel! LOL Have fun at WAG!
    Bridgett Angelhood 2

  6. Some great projects Char! Not stopped by for ages!

    Chris x

  7. Just wanted to wish you a happy birthday!!


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