Tuesday, September 16, 2008

WAG is over for another year

It seems like the last month has been a whirlwind of activity. No, the last month or so HAS been a whirlwind of activity!! :-)

My granddaughter went home Aug 9th and I immediately started on my projects for WAG and after getting the order, had a specific time to get each one done. Thankfully, I was all done by the time we had to leave for a camping rally.

The camping rally was the 7th-11th of September in which I taught one class on mini books. We came home from that on September 10th and left on Sept 11th for WAG in Salem.

WAG (Western Angel Gathering) is over for yet another year. A lot of hard work and time went into preparing for this year's event. I had terrific help from Channie Dalrymple and Heather Schantz. They both helped me with the projects and Channie did all the printing of information for the notebooks, badges etc and they even had a hands on class of techniques. Thank you girls so much!!!

We had 16 projects, 6 techniques and one demonstration on doing the MZindorf technique which Vicky Ward taught. I will be featuring some of the projects, on my blog, over the next few days/weeks.

I showed some of the gals how to make Flip Flop books. By that time of night, tho, everyone was a zombie.....so not sure how much of it they retained....but by the looks of their books, they did awesome!

Now it's time to put everything from WAG away for yet another year. I have gone through and inventoried everything and packed it back into totes for hubby to take up to the attic.

I have a house to clean and get back in order, a workshop to prepare for......but no major events coming up in the near future.

I am so looking forward to Fall and Winter this year.....just to 'cozy down' and work on winter projects, get more reading done and get into my domestic mode. Here is one of the projects we did at WAG. It's a lip gloss holder to hang from your tree.

I got this idea from a gal that used chap stick....but I found some cute lip gloss containers with cute little hangers on them....and thought....how fun to make these for the Christmas tree.

Hopefully, now that all those events are over for another year, I can keep up on my blog a lot better.



  1. I like the lip gloss holder. What a neat idea. Have fun getting back to normal!

  2. I really like your lipgloss holder. Might try it sometime.

  3. What a cute idea. Love the penguin!


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