Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Week

Well, hubby's vacation time is over and now it's time to start a new week. The last couple of weeks have been a blast! It's been great having him home.

Here is another fun project we did at WAG. Quick and easy!! It's a bottle hanger....just place it over your bottled water and if/when you need to add a little's right there handy.

Another project we did was the Golf Tee holder which I had done before but this one uses different papers.

Never mind the funky mat behind the project. I just loved the part of the designer paper that this gal ended up with. Everyone had different pieces of the package....and this one just looked so cool.

Now, it's time to get back to business and get ready for a TAC party on Wednesday. I'll upload the projects when they are finished.

Have a great stamping day!!



  1. Char, both of these projects are great! I especially like the bottle hanger project. Very cool!

    Sarah G.

  2. Wow Char, very cute. I really like the bottle holder. What a great idea.


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