Sunday, December 7, 2008

A gift from Germany

I received this darling gift today!

My friend, Peggy, took a much dreamed about trip to Italy, Germany, Austria and other places, last month with one of her friends.

She sent me some photos of all the wonderful things she saw and did. It was so much fun to SEE those places through her photos.

One of the photos that caught my eye was this darling little wooden angel ornament. She had held her up outside of the shop that she bought her at. I couldn't wait till she got home so I could see her in person.

After Peggy arrived home and got settled in, I got this same photo in an e-mail, addressed to me, with this note...

"I am a dear little angel that needs a home. I traveled all the way from Garmish, Germany :-) I look a lot like you and hear that you have a lot of other angels. Please give me a home."

What else would I say but YES YES YES!!!! She is even cuter in person. How can you resist this adorable face??

She is going on my tree till after Christmas and then I will find a special place for her.

I named her Garmish....after the town she came from.

Thanks Peggy!!!!

Oh.....and she also gave brought us some Italian coffee! Tomorrow morning....guess what we are having?


  1. have fun with your coffee and most beautiful Angel!

  2. The angel is really beautiful!

    I really enjoyed reading about the K9 experience, even if I don't like dogs that much. I do have one, but my grandparents are taking care of him. I don't deal well with him after he went to adulthood. I know he loves me and, sometimes, I feel guilty that I don't pet him. I think I'll go tonight and buy him some treat for tomorrow and Christmas.

    Your try at Zindorf technique is pretty nice. What is funny is that once I looked at your card I thought I was in her blog (I use google reader and choose who's blog I'm reading or just pick out the folder and keep looking through it). Funny I missed the tutorial and went back to the top and started laughing. I was in YOUR blog only and that was funny!

  3. What a great friend, huh? That is awesome that she shared all her experiences with you through photos and e-mails. I love how she gave the angel to you! Garmish is stunning! Enjoy your coffee!!!


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