Friday, December 12, 2008

Still challenged but.....

Ok, after playing around with this all morning.....I went through various stages of panic! I took off my ' cat' photo and then I uploaded a Christmas photo but it wouldn't go in as a banner....but a photo.

So, then I tried to go back and just start over by choosing the template again and starting from scratch but then the directions that I had used get my cat photo up there.....didn't work to get the Christmas photo. So, then I clicked on something that said go back to original template (forgetting that the template I had wasn't the ORIGINAL...but the one I picked a year or so ago) and so it took me back to a bare minimum blog....and all my sidebar stuff was GONE!!!!!! YIKES!

I PANICKED........then figured....'oh what they hay, I'll just start over" So, I chose (THANKFULLY) the template I must have had a few days ago....because when I clicked on that to save it....ALL my stuff came BACK!! WHOOOHOOO.

My Cat banner isn't stretched like it was.....but how the heck I did that, I can't remember now....and I am done messing around with it cause at least the kitty banner is back and all my sidebar stuff is back.

One of these days, I just might figure out how to do all this stuff....but not two weeks before Christmas :-) are a few things to share.

This was a birthday card I did recently. I have also done Christmas cards like this only using a snowflake in the circle and changing the wording to "Magic of Christmas".

Here is the little scalloped ornament we made at Stamp Club, on Wednesday.

And, I gave them their CD case and the calendars and decorative papers to make their CD Calendars. They are supposed to bring them, next month, so I can see what they created. I still haven't finished mine but will upload it when I do.

So, now I am going to go have a cup of Snowman Soup and finish the rest of the things on my list for today!

Have a great day!!!



  1. I'm still challenged with blog layouts, too! I've tried to do something with my title and nothing is working like I want it to, either. Glad I'm not alone!

  2. I'm so glad to see Miss Kitty back!! I missed her.

  3. I like the kitty!! The card is so pretty and please share the directions for the ornament! The snowman soup sure sounds good!!

  4. That cup of snowman soup sure looks great! I love your projects you fun! Hope your blog header issues gets taken care of soon for you! It still is great, though!

  5. Love your creations but loved more your story. Goodness! I haven't been able to change my blog appearance for fear it will all go to no where.

  6. That little ornament is so cool!

    Sarah G.

  7. great projects
    merry christmas


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