Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slight hiccup

(Photo taken of Freckles several years ago)
I know that I wrote, yesterday morning, before Stamp Club and said that I would share some photos of what the gals came up with and I did take my camera BUT................

Here is what happened after I posted that morning. I went to put some ointment in my cat, Freckles', eye because she had what I thought was an eye infection and had been giving that to her for the past two days.

When I started to administer the ointment....I realized that her eye was really inflamed and there was a large bulging bump coming out of her third eyelid.

I hurried and got her in the cat carrier and then called the Vet.

Long story short.....they kept her while I went ahead and went to stamp club....and I did have all the gals make cards.....but I was so concerned about my cat that I forgot completely about getting photos taken.

The vet called while I was there and told me that she had put her under anesthesia and had taken a good look at her eye...and what she found was cancer of the third with my permission, she did surgery on the third eyelid and removed the cancer and kept her overnight.

I went in and picked her up this morning. I will need to administer a special ointment to both eyes 2x a day and oral pain meds in the A. M. Poor thing. Her right eye is completely swollen shut....but she is resting comfortably and eating really well. So, you know what I'll be busy doing this next week :-)

Hopefully, I will get some things done to share with you!

Here is a card I did earlier in the week.....but I took the photo before I embossed a swirl in white on the side of the card. I gave this to my Sister, at stamp club, for her birthday.

I'll try to check in again, tomorrow!! Happy stamping!!


  1. Lovely card- I really like the scalloped edges! I hope your cat gets to feeling better soon.

    Sarah G.

  2. I hope your kittie feels better soon....sorry to hear about her being sick!

    I love this card, the color combination is beautiful!

  3. Freckles sure is a pretty cat. I'm glad you have her home now. What a pretty card. I love it.

  4. love the card and hope your cat is better

  5. Oh my goodness, Char! That is so scary about your cat. What a relief they removed the cancer and your kitty is doing better. I sure hope it's a full recovery!

    Beautiful card...I love it!

    Gentle Hugs,

  6. Love the pin that you attached! I hope for the best with your Cat.

  7. OMG! I was about to comment something about the corner of your latest cards but after reading this I'm just wanting to say that it is so great that you take so good care of your cat! I'm always distracted and don't notice stuff. I would hate having to live through what you did so I know why you missed taking pics of the cards. Completely forgave.


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