Monday, January 26, 2009

The Magalogue is HERE!!! SNEAK PEEK!!!

After waiting and waiting for my complimentary arrived today!!! Of course, they didn't mail them out till the end of last week but my being on the west coast means I get them a day or two after a lot of the other demonstrators and so it SEEMED longer ;-)

I am so excited!!!! This 48 combination magazine/catalog.....called a Magalogue is AWESOME!!! It not only has new stamps...over 40+ but also has new accessories and projects and even a card sample for every stamp image. It is well worth the $2.95 plus postage.

Here are a few sneak previews! I can't upload them all because the Magalogue doesn't go online till Feb 1st.

First off, my favorite...a Level B hostess set called "purr-fect friends"
I just love these little guys!!!!

Next is another favorite, "Little Stinkers"

There are several bold stamps....and one is "Hope"
"Edge Designs" is another I can't wait to get my hands on...and check out " the Renaissance"

And, the last one to share with you this time is "Little Cupcake"

I know the photos aren't that great, but's the best I could do :-)

Wait till you see all the other great images and accessories!!!!

Did I say I was EXCITED?

Have a great day!!!


  1. All I can say is Oh Boy!!! I can't hardly wait. I want the cupcakes and oh well I want all of them!

  2. It so beautiful, TAC really is awesome, but hey you already know that!


  3. The post about the two TV's is actually funny! I haven't been able to hold my magazine yet, so I'm really thankful with those of you who had been sharing with us. Thanks!

  4. Darling things! Thanks for entering my tatting giveaway for OWOH. Good luck to you. :)


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