Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Showers

Well, after last month.......coming in like a lion and going out like a lion...I am wondering if April Showers will bring May flowers ;-) I am beginning to see signs of WEEDS.....but no flowers yet.

I am trying so hard to 'enjoy' each season but where I live...we don't really have the four seasons like elsewhere in the US. We seem to have Winter and August! :-) Really not that bad, but sometimes it seems like it. Winter just seems to last a long, long time!

YES, I am still waiting for spring. But, one morning I will wake up and we'll be enjoying SUMMER! It's just the way it is here.

So, my thoughts, now, are on summer activities and what to do when my Granddaughter comes to visit for a few weeks. I am making a list of fun things to do while she is here. We don't DO 24/7, but I like to have a variety of ideas on hand so we don't get bored either.

We don't have a zoo or a lot of the other things you can in our community or even within an hours I am asking for help with ideas.

Here is my partial list of things to DO while she is here (of course, we may not do EVERYTHING on the list but at least it's a variety).....see if you can add to the list and come up with some fun ideas for us to do.

It would help for you to know she is 17 and special things that a 5-10 year old would enjoy....she will enjoy. YET....she enjoys a lot of things teenagers enjoy, too. This is why it can be difficult at times.

1. Camping
2. Scrapbook our time together
3. Plant a garden
4. Library
5. Tea Party
6. Shopping (this is a given!!)
7. Bowling
8. Hiking with her Dad
9. BBQ
10. Fair
11. Horse show of some kind. She loves the Draft was our yearly thing to do...but now they have cancelled the show.
12. Stamp
13. Your Turn!!

Thanks so much for all your ideas!!!!


  1. Camping is on the top of my list1 What about that amusement park just down past Salem? That looks like it might be fun! Enjoy your time together! Oh - and summer actually starts on July 5th around here!!! ROTFLMBO !!!

  2. I am with Laurie Summer= 4th of july and lasts till Sept 10 that is about it. are there any local fairs, garden shows, parades, the liberary usually has posted free and low cost events of the area posted.. check with local clubs and such for local events. Quilt showes, art shows, biker rallies, local art guild thoings like that. thoes are the jewels of small town living.

  3. What about a picnic? I think a picnic in the park or even just outside on the lawn would be a lot of fun. You could enjoy the outdoors and have a snack or meal. I hope you'll tell us all about your granddaughter's visit when the time comes. I know whatever you pick will be a lot of fun because she is with you!


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