Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Featuring Megan and Lisa

Back in February, I added a TP Mini Album Tutorial and Megan wrote and asked me if she could post the link on a message board where she had uploaded a photo of the one she made. Of course, I said that just means that many others will get the opportunity to see how fun these little guys are to make.

Here is the cute one she made for her Mom for Mother's Day. I think her Mom will be very pleased, don't you?

So often I never hear back if someone uses an idea or something they got from my blog, so when another gal, Lisa,l shared, I asked both of them if I could feature their albums on my blog.

Here is Lisa's adorable TP album. I think that both of them did GREAT!!!!

At the last class I gave teaching these, two gals made them with doggie designer papers and are going to add the photos of their dogs. What a fun way to carry your pet's photos around with you.

I had made one for our Vet...after she had taken care of one of our cats and included photos of Freckles.

I have made them and put calendars on the inside.
Be creative....let's see what you do with them!



  1. These are BOTH wonderful! I have saved the TP I just have to take the time to make one


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