Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

A huge THANK YOU to all those who have served or are serving our that we can be FREE!!!

Wow....this weekend is almost sure went fast!

Hubby had Saturday, Sunday and today off. We pretty much stayed close to home for the most part. We really don't like all that traffic.

Saturday, we got some weeding done in the yard/garden, a little bit accomplished in the garage (very little) for our upcoming garage sale and were invited to a birthday/BBQ on Saturday afternoon. We ended up being there till almost 9pm. Had a lot of fun.

Sunday, we planned on working in the garage but DS called in the morning and said bring in the hamburger and I'll BBQ. Couldn't pass that up :-) Besides, he wanted to show off his two rock gardens he was working on. We finished a few projects and then headed in.

After lunch....we were playing Frisbee with the dogs and Annie decided to take a short cut in between two being a wheelbarrow and she caught her side on one of the handles and scraped a big part of her hair off her side and made a scrape/bruise on her skin. BOY....the whole neighborhood could hear her yelp. My Son (her 'grandpa') was the first to reach her....and he told me..."she's ok...she's ok....she's just going to be one sore dog for a few days".

On the way home, we stopped at Wal Mart...and David went in (I stayed with Annie in the car with the A/C running...and yes she is spoiled...LOL) and he picked up 3 pkgs of disposable pie tins .....he was giving me a HUGE hint... :-)
Today, we went out and pulled rhubarb...probably only a third of it....and while I was making the pie crusts, he was chopping rhubarb. That was good for him, cause now he knows how much work it is to get everything ready to make the pies. :-)

Just waiting on him to get home from the grocery store...needed a few more ingredients...and then I'll be baking the rest of the day!

Hope you all had a fun and SAFE holiday weekend!!!


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