Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Michelle Zindorf is coming to Oregon!!!!

I am finally able to let you know who's coming to OREGON!!!!

Michelle Zindorf has agreed to come to Salem, Oregon for two days of workshops. I am just so excited to have her here in the Pacific Northwest. It's her first time coming to this area, too.

Just so you know, it's a YEAR away....May 2010 (she is booked through 2009) but she told me that once it is officially on her blog, it fills up fast so my readers are being given a 'heads up' in order to get in on this wonderful opportunity!!

It will not be posted on her blog till August 2009, so as a reader of my blog, you will be able to sign up, now, by contacting her. When you do, make sure you refer to the Michelle Zindorf Workshops in Salem, OR.

She takes care of all the registrations!

The class fee is $125 and you get about $60 worth of class materials. It's on a first come/first served sign up soon!

I have also secured a block of hotel rooms at the Salem Shilo Inn. They have given us a great deal on rooms. We love the Shilo Inn at Salem because the staff is AWESOME!! When booking your reservation at the hotel, you will need to ask for the block of rooms being held for the Michelle Zindorf Workshops.

If you are interested, please contact Michele Zindorf personally. She will get in touch with you and take care of your registration.

If you have any questions, other than the workshop itself, please feel free to e-mail me!



  1. Yea!!! I just sent her a message, but neglected to say I got the information from you! shoot! Think maybe she'll figure it out?

  2. Please send me an email when the date for the event gets closer and I will post an update on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for the event.


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