Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hmmm, cell phones come in handy!

Since I have been without a camera, I have had to get a little resourceful to be able to share cards on my blog.

Today, I got the bright idea of taking photos with my cell phone. Good thing I didn't take too at .25¢ each, it could get a little spendy. We don't have texting etc on our cell phone as we just don't use it enough to warrant the extra cost.

BUT, now that I know I CAN send photos to my computer...hmmmmm. I think it will be a little cheaper, in the end, to just reinvest in another camera :-)

Since it's officially Halloween, I figured I would share one of my creations with you. I got this idea from another Angel but since I didn't have Google eyes, yet, I took some glass do dads...and colored the backs of them with a black marking pen...and attached them to my cheesecloth. Inside is a Hershey Bar. I made some others after I got some Google eyes and they are cute, too, but only took one photo.

This one is going to my Son's girlfriend, who loves Chocolate!!!

Just have to get it to her one of these days!


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  1. Cell phones do come in handy! Love your mummy, wouldn't mind having what's hiding in side either! Hope you get a camera soon.


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